Fake Grass & Weed, Peace Cross & Greed (Demo)

I was sick but now I’m mostly well.  I’ve been out of the loop for a minute, even loopy for a second (aaah the joys of pain killing meds) but now I’m back at it.  I honestly don’t know where to begin. 
How about that snow, huh? DONE WITH IT!!!  I was really sad to hear that a 62-year old Bowie, Maryland woman died shoveling snow on Monday.  If you’re going to go out there in the mess, please take precautions like making frequent breaks and knowing the signs of a heart attack.  Those of you with children who need to earn a buck, push them off the sofa, stick a shovel in their hands and free them to make money throughout the neighborhood.  We paid our neighbor’s son to shovel.  
artificial turf UnrealSpeaking of shoveling mess.  The Prince George’s County Delegation has been busy passing bills such as HB-1013 requiring that artificial turf fields be installed in each of Prince George’s County’s high schools at a total cost of $2 million.  Delegate Jay Walker noted that Of this total cost, funds from a state grant, Open Space program, and local funds are to pay $700,000.  The bill is sponsored by Delegate Jay Walker (Dist 26), Senator Douglas J.J. Peters & Delegate Dereck Davis (Dist 25)  For the record, the Prince George’s County School Board does not approve of the bill and has expressed concerns that this money could be used elsewhere.  Delegates Tawanna Gaines, Barbara Frush and Josephine Pena-Melnyk voted against the bill.  I know that football and school sports play a large role in the high school experience.  The Washington Post did a story on the sorry, muddy, grass-less state of football fields in the county.  I’m just concerned that in a county that frequently has test scores second to last in Maryland, this money could be spent on something more education centered.  Another concern is that this bill makes it mandatory that all high schools have the artificial turf installed by the year 2019.  I’m curious too as to what studies have been consulted regarding the carbon footprint of artificial turf; how many trees do we need to plant to prevent our air from being contaminated by all this synthetic grass?  What are the rate of injuries on synthetic turf versus that of synthetic turf?  And how did the Prince George’s County House Delegation come up with the number $4000 as the total yearly cost for maintaining synthetic turf when we all know that this stuff has to be re-stitched, disinfected, brushed down, etc.  
Marijuana plantIn the meantime at Bowie High School, “Bowie police officers arrested four individuals in the parking lot of Bowie High School Feb. 28, after receiving a call to assist an off-duty Prince George’s County police officer who witnessed someone pointing a weapon out of a car. Officers stopped the vehicle, which was occupied by four people, just after 3 p.m. in the parking lot. For officer safety, they removed the four individuals from the vehicle and a search of the vehicle revealed eight various types of BB, pellet and paintball guns.
In addition to the weapons, police recovered a clear plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana. Police arrested two juvenile males, one juvenile female and 18-year-old Okikiola Mogaji of the 12600 block of Hillmeade Station Drive. All the arrested are students at Bowie High School. The three juveniles were transported to the Bowie police station to be charged and Mogaji was transported to the county Correctional Center where he was charged with drug possession, disorderly conduct and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property. Mogaji was released on personal recognizance pending a May trial date.” (Bowie Blade News)  Maybe Bowie High School would like some of that synthetic turf money for something else. 
Armed Robbers Lanham BowieThree armed robbers have been taken off the streets of Prince George’s County.  The Prince George’s County Police Department arrested three suspects shortly after the robbery of a gas station in Lanham. The suspects are also linked to the robbery of a drug store that occurred two hours earlier in Bowie. The suspects are identified as 25-year-old Mmamoi Ojiaku(r) of the 16000 block of Pleasant Colony Drive in Upper Marlboro, 20-year-old Mathew Ogunsalu(l) of the 5200 block of Aldershot Drive in Lanham and 24-year-old Aaron Prudhomme (c) of the 9100 block of Fowler Lane in Lanham.
PeaceCrossThey’re after the Peace Cross in Bladensburg AGAIN almost like the three bozos from the above story were trying to rob the gas station.  Uuuurgh.  Leave the Peace Cross ALONE.  MyFoxDC reported that The American Humanist Association has filed a federal lawsuit to remove a cross-shaped World War I memorial in Prince George’s County, alleging the display violates the First Amendment.  The advocacy group says it does not object to the fact that the Bladensburg Cross memorializes soldiers, but rather the placement of the Christian symbol on property owned by a government agency. “We are certainly recommending coming up with a monument inclusive of all religious groups,” said Monica Miller, a lawyer with the association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center.
 In 2012, the group sent a letter to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission demanding that the cross be removed from the war memorial. The group said it would have no objection if the cross was on private land, MyFoxDC.com reported. John Moss, the town’s administrator, said the Bladensburg Cross is not endorsing any faith. The cross memorializes our veterans,” he told The Daily Record. “It was never meant to be a religious icon.” The 40-foot-tall concrete memorial was erected in 1925 by the American Legion to commemorate the 49 men of Prince George’s County who died during World War I.

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