Fathers with Bad Kids: Creflo & Rushern Baker (Demo)

The fiscal/political father for Prince George’s County is County Executive Baker, just as Washington, DC is the child of Vincent Gray, and  Anne Arundel County has as their Dad County Executive John R. Leopold.  What a mess of family relationships these all are.  Anne Arundel’s Dad is out and about whoring in front of the kids. Washington, DC’s father is about to go to jail, and the head of Prince George’s County’s household is busy trying to appease a bunch of bad kids.  It’s time for him to do a Creflo Dollar and give the kids a whoopin.
Creflo has been all over the press because his two daughters accuse him of choking, hitting, and wrestling his 15 year old demon seed daughter after she was denied permission to go to a part after midnight.  According to Dollar (that is such a messed up name for a pastor), he disciplined his daughter for sure, after she initially struck him, but he denies any choking, etc.  I believe he whooped that tail and I believe that little monster deserved it.  Matter of fact, I say remove her from that plush, expansive home they live in so that she will no longer be in danger, but I digress.
Miraclesuit Bathing SuitFiscally and politically, Prince George’s County needs a whoopin from their father.  For too many years, the politics (i.e. Jack Johnson, now slots and gambling) have taken precedent over the real needs of the people.  No, I haven’t been a resident that long, but in my short 3 1/2 years here, I’ve seen the Prince George’s County family kids get full on the sugary sweet intake of property taxes made even tastier by a unsustainable market that was bound to crash and give us all cavities.  The harsh truth is this: we have to cut the waste, change the tax laws/licensing & permit process to something amenable  for business owners, and improve schools.  That will mean no more candy for a good little while.  No casinos that make for a quick fix but in the long run only add short term revenue increases.  No higher taxes that drive out the middle class and businesses.  There is no way to be nourished on those things!  We need plain old vegetables (lower taxes), lean meat (businesses), and extremely little starches and sugar (reliance on revenue from unstable markets); I need to adopt this diet to get into my beach wear but again, I digress.
Discipline isn’t politically correct.  I accept that.  I don’t care.  Rushern, aka Dad, it’s time to whoop that tail.

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