Fighting with Prince George’s County (Demo)

I read a couple of distressing articles about people fighting with Prince George’s County to receive services. What I’m hoping is that once this has been brought to the attention of the County Executive and some of these people running for school board and county council membership, this type of red tape will be slashed.  I’ll be tweeting this out to the various and sundry candidates.
Potomac Landing ElementaryThe first case is that of two brothers, now former students of Potomac Landing Elementary School.  A Washington Post column told the story, “[Staci Jones’] third-grade twin sons, born two months premature, were flummoxed by reading and were unable to add or subtract three-digit numbers. She reported this to the individualized education program (IEP) team set up for them at the school, but the boys continued to get passing grades while making little progress. Jones, then known as Stacie Brockman, was told they would soon be promoted to fourth grade, where she knew they would be lost…At Potomac Landing, Jones said, the IEP team chairperson dismissed a report from the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, one of the top U.S. providers of care for children with learning disabilities, that one boy had dysgraphia (a writing disability) and dyslexia (a reading disability), and the other had a language disorder that severely affected his speech and reading comprehension.
Long story short, this parent, Staci Jones, filed her own due process case against the county and a day late and $28,000 dollars short, the county finally agreed to pay for the twin sons to receive an education at a school in Fairfax,VA.  It’s not a good look for the $1.8 billion dollar budgeted school system.  Just not.
MailboxPrince George’s County government is refusing to replace a mailbox at the Fort Washington home that a snow plow destroyed in February 2014.  The snow plow was driving the wrong way down Lanham Lane and the driver initially denied even hitting the mailbox.  Dude, you know you hit that mailbox.  The England family even has video of the snow plow nailing the mailbox, so now what.  This is what.  Prince George’s County’s insurer told the couple via an email that the county is not responsible for private property in the right of way and only as a “courtesy” would it replace the mailbox. So I guess going the wrong way down a residential street puts the mailbox in the snowplow’s right of way.  WHAT?!
FOX 5 called the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation for answers and reported the following: Carol Terry, a spokesperson for the department, said the county will replace a mailbox with a standard issue U.S. Postal Service mailbox. That is not what the couple wants. The Englands believe it is only fair they get the same mailbox they already have. I don’t understand why they’re contesting,” England lamented .If the couple isn’t happy with a standard issue, the spokesperson said the claim must go through the county’s insurer. She said her office would investigate the matter further. England’s wife sent another email last Friday to the insurer saying there was no reason for them not to have a mailbox yet. She hasn’t gotten a response yet. “I am angry at the county,” England said. “I’m not asking for bells and whistles.” It’s a $55 mailbox. And even though the snowplow was caught red-handed on video, they have yet to see a cent.

Plan PGC 2035 Feature ImageMy brother-blogger, Prince George’s County Urbanist, is fired up over the Prince George’s County development plan, Plan Prince George’s 2035.  He, along with other concerned citizens and smart growth advocates, are in a fight of sorts with the county council and  the county’s planning board over broken promises to not promote sprawl.  There have been meetings, petitions, outcry all in favor of developing around Prince George’s County metro stations.  They are SO underutilized and aren’t making much money.
WMATARedLine_trainFrom his post, “On March 20, the petition group provided the council with a detailed set of proposed amendments to the Planning Board’s adopted version of the plan (summarized here). The Coalition for Smarter Growth also mounted an email campaign against many of the sprawl enhancements proposed by county officials. Ultimately, the County Council turned a blind eye toward the petitioners and smart growth advocates, just as the Planning Board had. Led by council members Ingrid Turner (District 4) and Derrick Leon Davis (District 6), the council voted to approve “Sprawl Plan 2035” by a vote of 7-1. District 3 council member Eric Olson voted against the measure, and District 8 council member Obie Patterson was not present for the vote.
With that vote, the council once again sided with the well-financed developers who have fought hard to maintain the build-anywhere-you-want culture that has left Prince George’s County with the least-developed and least-profitable Metro station areas in the region.


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CEEMAC — I wanted to compliment your work! You really have your finger on the pulse and it’s great. I hope you’ll write about the proposal to do away with term limits. I don’t like it CEEMAC… not at all. Had a conversation with a sitting Delegate who’s up for his 4th term. He said that folk he’d mentored had ‘turned their back on him’ and are running against him. How long do they have to wait for their turn? Term limits should encourage a sense of urgency — get in, do something, make a way for someone else and get out. I hope to hear from you on this topic.
Your friend – Tonia

I would like to know how can i start a petition for my daughter and other neighborhood children to ride the school bus from where we live at. The school is being unfair saying were we live at is walking distance, and it is not. Its too cold in the mornings to walk and to hot for my daughter to walk home. Herself and other kids should be able to ride the school bus for pg county. One of the school buses comes in the neightborhood for a middle school but not the elementary children. They are babies and has to walk a 35 min distance, and become late for school missing out on the first half of their first period.. please help me

I recommend you contact your Board of Education representative and press him/her on this. It is their job to represent you on issues related to the schools, and they should have enough clout to get things moving.

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