Fire Department to Hire (Demo)

Prince George’s Fire Department awarded grant to hire 18 firefighters now, 30 later.
The Fire Department is using a $2.6 million dollar Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response grant  to fund a total of 48 new positions; 18 in 2012 and 30 more in FY2013.  Out of its own budget, Prince George’s Fire Department hired 80 firefighters in FY2012 and has funding to hire another 60-80 in FY2013.   The hirings come at a time when there have been rumblings that the county’s goal response time for fire department responses of 6 minutes is not being met by county firefighters.  In fact, the response time has increased from 6 mins. 36 seconds in 2005 to 6 mins 56 seconds in 2011.  Hopefully the new funds will aid in lowering the response time.
From the Washington Examiner: A memo to Fire Chief Marc Bashoor, CountyStat director Adam Ortiz asked the department to study stations with slow response times, as well as look into six stations that have high “failure to respond” rates — instances when emergency calls go unanswered and must be redispatched to the next-closest emergency response team.  Those stations are Capitol Heights, Riverdale Heights, Boulevard Heights, Upper Marlboro, Bowie and West Lanham.
One of these fire stations in my neighborhood.  Yeeeeesh!

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