Flash Mobs: Reverse Gentrification (Demo)

I was in Georgetown over the weekend on a date with the hubster.  After dinner, we went to see that stinky “Captain America” (See yesterday’s PGCo, did you know, for review) and as were exiting the building, we heard all this noise down the street.  It was the sound of young people screaming.  We wondered what was happening as we headed in the opposite direction.  It entered my head that it might be some kind of crazy flash mob.
Flash mobs started out as groups of  people coming together after having received advanced notice and instructions via social media.  The mobs did something i.e. stood frozen or performed a dance/song, then immediately and peacefully left the area.  The unsuspecting public was taken totally by surprise and interesting pictures ensued.
Monday July 25th, there was a flash mob performance of a different kind Victoria’s Secret in Georgetown: Video Here
Three males and three females, using shopping bags, strollers, and small children as a distraction, robbed the store of lingerie. COME ON REALLY?!!!!  You used a screaming baby as part of your panty heist?  I have to ask: WHY do these upscale goods mean so much to this select demographic?
Washington, DC, has become a city of extremes: you’re either rich or poor.  The nuclear family has been decimated, some parents have relinquished responsibility for their children, and these aforementioned children are on the loose and stealing.  Insert here: discussions on gentrification, widening gap between Black/White financial wealth, and other miscellaneous woes.  Fact is, kids are stealing and they’re stealing outside of their neighborhoods.
With all the brand new guns being purchased in these affluent zipcodes, it’s just a matter of time before something goes amazingly wrong because flash mob robberies seem to be catching on in the more affluent shopping areas in DC:  Dupont Circle , and Riccardi’s in Georgetown also have been hit. With that comes a healthy dose of paranoia and fear.
To my knowledge, this hasn’t become a problem in PGCo.  Maybe it’s due to the wealth gap not being as pronounced as in DC.  Maybe it’s because more two parent Black households are in PGCo.  Maybe it’s the people of PGCo might not respond as passively as the people do in the affluent areas of DC.  There could be a lot of reasons.
All I know is this: Flash mob robberies are a harbinger for Washington, DC.  It will always be my city but I can honestly say, I feel like the city is moving further and further away from me.

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