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Catch 22 Seafood Market & Restaurant, Camella's Kitchen pepper sauces and coming attractions.

Smart food locker company, Lavii, Inc. is thriving, Review: Camella’s Kitchen Mango Pepper Sauce, Preview tasting for Catch 22 Seafood Market & Restaurant, Food hall coming to Woodmore, New restaurants continue opening in Prince George’s County, Election Night Bites in PGCo

You can start with subject of food and it will lead to politics, real estate, culture, racism and some more. When it comes to the culture of food in this county, it seems to veer strongly toward Black American traditional. I see that in the restaurant openings, but there are exceptions like the Capitol Heights Grill, 4801 Marlboro Pike, which specializes in Afro-Latino food. I gotta get there because I love me a papusa. Speaking of a which, let me get to a review of this sauce that would go really well on top of a papusa.

Camella’s Kitchen mango pepper sauce is FIRE, in a good way though. In a world where spice is frequently dumbed down so as not to offend the bland, American palette, Camella’s Kitchen is essential like the sun. It draws you in with its deep heat and fruity undertones. It’s perfect for Caribbean and American soul food. Hmph, I’d splash it onto Middle Eastern roasted meats too. And oooohhh, the sauce would fit on fried seafood like a hat fits on a COGIC woman’s head. This PGCo company is one to support.

Lavii Inc.

Another business to support is Lavii, Inc. COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants have fueled innovative businesses such as Lavii, Inc. This smart locker technology company is facilitating safe ways for us to enjoy no-contact pick-ups at restaurants throughout the region, notably Crabboss (DC and Brandywine) and Shark Bar & Seafood House in Waldorf. Engineer Rea Huntley is the founder and CEO of Lavii, Inc. She’s a certified and experienced computer network engineer from Temple Hills and a current PGCo resident. The benefits of a Lavii locker will extend long after the COVID-19 vaccine. Rea’s company creates an efficient process. She stated, “Our smart food locker technology improves the restaurant’s process for handling takeout orders as well as third party delivery services.”

Coming Attractions

COVID-19 infection numbers have increased in Prince Georges County, restaurants are functioning at 50% capacity, and winter and flu season is on the way, so I might need a Lavii locker at my front door to get deliveries from the many new restaurants that I want to check out like Victory Restaurant Maryland and Uncaged Chefs District Heights; I still haven’t been to Mad Cow Grill in Laurel. 301 Nutrition Spot, 2fifty Barbeque, Cori’s Modern Kitchen and Bar, and Tiered and Petite bakery are high on my list of places to visit also.

I’m eattending (ha! get it eat+attending) a tasting for the new restaurant from the owners of Milk & Honey Cafe, Catch 22 Southern Seafood Market and Restaurant. It’s not slated to open until mid-to-late 2021 in Upper Marlboro on Route 301 and Osbourne Road where Pizza Hut used to be, so there’s parking. I’m really hoping for something great because my favorite restaurants are still in DC, especially for seafood, are still in DC, especially for seafood.

The founder of Savor Food Hall, April Richardson, is set to open her own 12k space and new food hall at the Woodmore Overlook, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll find a new fav there. NBC4 reported that April Richardson is working with a developer to construct a brand new 12,000-square-foot food hall at the Woodmore Overlook, a new development in Glenarden near Woodmore Towne Center. Developer, Colton said. ÔÇťApril will not be a tenant; April will own the real estate and own the business.”

Election Night Bites

I hope to hear back from restaurants throughout the county about election night bites and cocktails. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, it’s doubtful that anyone’s having a real watch night service, I mean watch night party this year, thanks in large part to the person who’s up for re-election. I told you talking about food could veer off into politics.