Frantic Mitt Romney at Debate (Demo)

Pundits are saying that President Obama lost at last night’s Denver presidential debate.  They are asking why President Obama “didn’t show up.”  I watched our President take his time and deliberately address the American people while Mitt Romney rudely rampaged Jim Leher, the moderator, in an effort to beat back the President with his talking points.  I kept thinking, “Romney cannot represent the U.S.  Not here or abroad.  He’s out of control”  My thing was this, if your base is the wealthy, why not tell the truth that your plans for this country all benefit the wealthy?  I’m not exonerating President Obama.  He’s made some major missteps on the economy and energy but at no time do I believe that he purposed to benefit a small group of people who already have too much at the expense of people who are losing ground as the quarters pass. 
What media heavy-hitters are calling an “energized” Mitt Romney came off to me as a frantic, spoiled brat determined to bum rush his way over the facts: His prime focus is the wealthy.  He has no experience with the day-to-day life of people who have few to zero options.  His brash way has aligned him with the likes of the Koch brothers and Donald Trump.  Romney’s plan for Sesame Street and Main Street is a pissy trickle down of what the wealthy throw out as waste.  President Obama and I differ ideologically and fiscally, but I believe he has the best interest of this entire country at heart, not just the 47%.  
Had the President been that rude to Jim Leher last night he would have been labeled a bully and arrogant *sidebar* Is anyone else sick of the label “arrogant” being thrown around at the President? You know they want to call him uppity because he has the nerve to NOT see himself or his family as lesser than. *end sidebar* This country was in a major mess thanks to the banking industry, deregulation, etc.  Our economy is now slowly coming back and the party that got us into the mess wants to seize the reins because recovery has not come fast enough?  Don’t make me cuss.  Fast enough for who?
Ask yourself this: How did we get into this mess?  Did any of THEIR people suffer? Who’s asking to be in charge again?  Have I lost my mind?

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I see it the way you did, and I am not an Obama supporter. I will be voting for Gary Johnson.

I didn’t watch this last debate. I’m sick of the debates, commercials, pundits, all of it. Just give me my ballot so that I can vote. I have decided!!!! I don’t need anything else. And if the general public would just read the political views of the candidates–actually listen to what each person is saying and see if it matches with what their written plan states, then they would not be UNDECIDED. I will be voting for Obama.

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