Friday!!!!!!!!! Did You Know… (Demo)

Prince George’s County loses to Reaching Hearts International Church, Redistricting committee member pleads guilty to tax evasion, Riverdale basketball coach knocked unconscious at game, PlanMaryland is a go but rural Maryland says “no” 

The county is saying that the area where West Laurel church Reaching Hearts International  wants to build a new school and facility is environmentally sensitive, but a Judge vacated the county’s denial saying that he hopes the county will fairly consider the church’s new application.  This litigation over a new facility and school and chugged on for 8 years and cost the county more than $4 .5 million.

Advisory Committee for Legislative Redistricting member Richard Stewart has pleaded guilty to not paying employment taxes in connection with a business he owns.  Governor O’Malley stated that Stewart did not inform him that he was under investigation.

Girl’s basketball coach Diane Richardson for Riverdale Baptist was knocked unconscious by one of her teams players with 2:10 left in the 3rd quarter of the finals of the Nike Tournament of Champions.  The coach collided with the player and was knocked out for a couple of minutes; paramedics were called.  Coach Richardson regained consciousness soon after.

PlanMaryland has been signed into action by Governor O’Malley. Opponents say that this plan takes zoning and growth decision power from local jurisdictions/governments and declares war on rural Maryland, while proponents say it curbs sprawl and protects farmland. I’m having problems printing it but I’ll be on it with a post soon.


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