Friday, Friday, Friday (Demo)

Brothels raided in Greenbelt, Cafritz/Riverdale Park property (Whole Foods) clears development hurdle,  General Assembly proposes tax break for underwater mortgage holders in PGCo/MontCo,  Slots referendum coming “at the request of County Executive Baker, Foster care provider, Contemporary Family Services sanctioned for putting children at risk.


Rising Sun Massage and two phony acupuncture businesses on Hanover Parkway have been raided.  The two businesses on Hanover Parkway were raided  last summer but resumed business as usual.  Search and seizure warrants were issued today as a result of an investigation by the Greenbelt Police Department revealed that sex acts were being performed at these sites.

Looks like that Route 1 corridor west is getting closer to having a mixed-use development that will include a Whole Foods.  Planning Board Commissioners unamnimously approved the project; next step the County Council.

The Maryland Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act is tax break legislation proposed to the Maryland General Assembly by Del. Craig J. Zucker (D-Dist. 14) of Brookeville and Sen. Douglas J. J. Peters (D-Dist. 23) of Bowie.  The tax break prohibits the taxation of “phantom income” on the sale of homes that are sold for less that what’s owed in foreclosures, short sales, .and mortgage restructuring.


The aforementioned Sen. Douglas J.J. Peters is introducing a state-wide referendum on whether to bring slots to Prince George’s County (National Harbor and Rosecroft Raceway).  Instead of focusing on overhauling the school system, STOPPING the foreclosure madness, or stemming the tide of violent crime, County Executive Baker has requested, according to this Examiner article, that legislation be brought forth that allows for slots.  51% of PGCo residents would have to vote in favor of gambling in addition to a majority of the state.  Ironically, Sen. D.J. J. Peters say’s he’s “opposed to slots” but thinks a referendum should be allowed to let residents decide if slots and gambling is a good way to raise revenue.  Gambling is sleazy and will further sully the reputation of this county. 

  • WHY County Executive Baker? WHY?

Maryland’s Department of Human Resources informed Hyattsville based company Contemporary Family Services that there is a pending sanction and an Inspector General investigation against them for failing to track background checks, training and other requirements for foster parents.  Ctontemporary Family Services is the state’s second largest foster care placement service and says these troubles can be traced to administrative and management issues.


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