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Six Flags is seeking 2,000 new hires, Linda McCorkle apprehended for threatening an 84 year old with a gun and stealing from her, Landover man arrested in connection with DC homicide case, County Exec. Baker has epiphany: we DON’T need slots to fund new regional medical center- GASP!


Six Flags America is seeking to hire more than 2,000 friendly, energetic, service-oriented  new employees for the 2012 season.  Check the Six Flags America website for details and job descriptions. 

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Linda McCorkle

Linda McCorkle identified as the heffa that robbed an 84 year old woman using a rouse that involved asking the elderly woman to help her cash a check because she and the three children accompanying her hadn’t eaten in days. An accomplice, who took the children away before McCorkle got into the car with the victim, is still on the loose.  Call the police if you know something.

In December 2011, Kevin Blackwell Jr. was stabbed to death and his belongings stolen.  Landover resident Christopher Reginald Williams died at a hospital as a result of being stabbed.  His cell phone, car, and North Face jacket were recovered at the home of an Upper Marlboro man also indicted in this crime.

  • Kevin is dead because you idiots wanted his stuff?!  IDIOTS!!!

County Executive Baker maintains that he’s still open to talking about  gaming “but that’s separate from the hospital itself. … That deal for the regional health care facility, which will help all of Maryland, should move forward and should not be tied to gaming at all.”   Don’t you love how people call gambling “gaming” as if that gives is a cleaner more family friendly name. 

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