Funky Funky Funk Funk (Demo)

You ever wake up and know it’s going to be “one of those days”? 
Fatigue won’t leave and my energy is generating that default “out of office” message.  What’s a girl to do? Rifle through her purse for that prehistoric looking multivitamin and an extra dose of B12; I already had a cup of breakfast blend from Starbucks and I don’t even drink caffeinated drinks on a regular.  Before you ask, yes I do exercise; I worked out last night.  I’m just tired on different levels.
Tired of politics as usual.  Did you hear that Councilman Olson was called out for being “too Arlington”?  He was almost sure he’d be voted in Chair of the County Council but County Executive Rushern Baker showed up right before the vote to stump for then and now chairwoman Andrea Harrison.  Baker denied it, but he did it and was super happy she’d been re-elected.  From the WHarrison and Camposashington Post, ” Although Olson’s opponents would not discuss what was behind their opposition, his backers said that his willingness to challenge key initiatives of County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) might have played a role in his defeat. Olson (College Park) has opposed expanding state gaming, part of a Route 1 development plan and a College Park construction deal championed by former Democratic county executive Wayne K. Curry, a Baker ally.”  Councilman Olson was called “too Arlington” by Peterson Cos. zoning lawyer Andre Gingles.  I guess being for smart growth is not supposed to be a consideration.   What’s even shiftier about the whole thing is that prior to the vote, Councilwoman Harrison had pledged her vote to Councilman Olson.  Politics as usual stinks as usual.

Tired of crimes being perpetrated by people desperate for material stuff.  It’s not like the stories behind these crimes are even relateable.   Shooting a 16 year old student for his smart phone in Capitol Heights, stealing from a hair weave supplier in Greenbelt,  and robbing a Loomis armored truck in Oxon Hill are not crimes that scream “I’m only doing this out of desperation.”   These kind of crimes reveal a pea-sized criminal mind so high on Viacom programming that they’ll do anything to bring some web postable moments to their own pathetic lives.  Click HERE for full story on the armored truck robbery and video of the get away car.  A group of masked robbers ambushed the armored car driver at Save-A-Lot grocery store in Oxon Hill. They shot the man in the face; he’s currently listed in stable condition.  What a bunch of losers.  Chances are they’ll be on Intagram or Facebook posting pics of themselves dropping dollars at a strip club or lounge.    And the weave thieves? I just can’t this morning.  Uuuuugh.  UPDATE TO STORY FROM GREENBELT PATCH:
The Greenbelt Police Department has made three arrests in the Dec. 6 armed robbery of Her Imports in the 7900 block of Belle Point Drive.The following suspects were arrested in DC Friday morning, police said:
 Larry Delonte Harris, 23, of Washington, D.C.
Myluve Hubbard (aka Myluv Evans), 21, of Washington, D.C.
Mercedes Shada Davis, 24, of Washington, D.C.
All three suspects are charged with armed robbery, 1st degree assault, 2nd degree assault and theft over $10,000, police said. A search warrant in Suitland allowed for police to recover some of the stolen property.
And might I add to this that Myluve Hubbard might want to use her jail time to change her name. 

I’ll be more optimistic as the day progresses but right now, I’m living for the weekend and vacation.  It’s just one of those days folks and I know, it’s going to get better because we, collectively, will make it better.  Whew. 

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