FY2013 Budget for Prince George’s County (Demo)

County Executive Baker has chosen focus areas for the county’s new budget: economy, education, safe neighborhoods, quality health care, effective human services, sustainable environment, high performance government.  His proposed $3.19 billion budget includes across the board cuts of 5% for all county departments excluding education and public safety.
Projects and agencies with notable funding include

  • the new Library in South Bowie
  • construction of an environmental education facility
  • District 7 police station in Fort Washington will receive $5.4 million to complete construction
  •  added 150 new police recruits and 50 new fire/EMS recruits
  • State’s Attorney’s Office funded for 16 new positions
  • continued construction for a new Oxon Hill High School, Avalon Elementary, Hyattsville Elementary and Henry Ferguson Elementary

The county is facing a $126 million deficit and the impending cost of having to pay for a portion of the pension for teachers, so to make ends meet, county workers will not receive a cost of living increase, and more speed cameras are going up.  The upswing is that there will be no fuloughs or layoffs for county workers and ultimately, the budget is balanced to include the deficit. 
If we continue to invest in our schools, bringing jobs to this county, lowering crime, and  bettering our health care system, our home values will increase again.  I’m not looking to return to the sickly-swollen home costs and values of the real estate boom; that was unsustainable.  We need stability in this county.  Mr. Baker is by no means perfect nor do I agree with all his proposals (NO SLOTS) but I do believe he’s on the right path towards making this county into a better place to live. 
 Here are some articles and a link to a PowerPoint presentation on the budget
Gazette Article
Washington Informer Article

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