Gambling Commission Has First Meeting: Agendas Galore (Demo)

Maryland gambling commission tasked with deciding on expansion to Prince George’s County dealing with multiple agendas.

June 1st, June 12th and June 20th: These are the meeting dates for the 11-member gambling commission.  By July 9th, our beloved Governor O’Malley will call ANOTHER special session of Maryland’s General Assembly to pass legislation exclusively to place the gambling expansion on the November ballot.  The first meeting, June 1st, of the gambling commission lasted more than 5 hours.  In addition to gambling expansion, the commission is supposed to conduct analysis of legislation that could authorize table games (blackjack, roulette, etc.) at all state casinos.  Such a classy state we’re devolving to.  There was testimony from the hot as fish grease owner of Anne Arundel County’s Maryland Live! Casino, David Cordish, who cried foul over the possibility of gambling expansion when he was promised his business would have no competition in the near future.  Then you have Caesars CEO, Gary Loveman playing cheerleader for gambling expansion because he has his eye on opening a casino establishment in Baltimore.   
And if all this wasn’t enough of a three ring circus, now Hartford County’s Executive David Craig wants a casino in his county.  According to The Examiner, County Executive Craig has sent a letter to Gambling Commission Chairman John Morton III requesting that PriceWaterhouseCooper commission a study to see how great it would be to have gambling expanded into their county too.

Snake Eyes DiceAll of it looks like snake eyes to me.


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