Gambling in Prince George’s County (Demo)

Anne Arundel County has gambling and slots, Rosecroft Raceways allows you to bet on races, and now Ceasars Entertainment has proposed building a Harrah’s in Baltimore by 2013.  Isn’t that enough gambling availability for the  Prince George’s County population?

Thankfully, Councilman Eric Olson (College Park) has proposed legislation  that would make video lottery terminals illegal in Prince George’s County.   “In 2008, Maryland voters approved a Constitutional amendment to allow casino slot machines in Maryland.  This legislation amends the Zoning Ordinance to prohibit video lottery terminals as defined in State law in Prince George’s County.”  The Prince George’s County Council will be voting on this bill and I’ll be watching to see how my newly sworn in representative voted. 
County Executive Baker is off to a good start with the rebranding and upbuilding of this County.  Don’t stink it up by allowing a pack of stinky, low-class gambling joints that provide NOTHING for the community despite promises.  The jobs are seedy, the surrounding areas for gambling towns neither benefit or prosper.  Don’t be fooled into this bet.

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