Gambling on the County’s Future (Demo)

Airman from Upper Marlboro killed, 2 year old District Heights girl dies, Anne Arundel politician says gambling at Gaylord is unethical, Same sex marriage bill passes with PGCo delegate Alston’s help

Julian Scholten, of Upper Marlboro, was killed in an U-28 aircraft accident in Djibouti, Africa.  He was a senior airman member of the Air Force’s 25th Intelligence Squadron.

A 2 year old rescued from a District Heights fire has died.  Little Mariah Kendra Hood was injured when unattended cooking caused a fire on February 17th . 


Casinos at Gaylord will be competing with a new $500 million gambling business set to open this summer in Anne Arundel County.  I’m opposed to gambling in PGCo but I don’t see how casinos at the Gaylord would “unduly” compete with the facility in Anne Arundel County.  What other businesses are we NOT supposed to have because of competition with Anne Arundel County.

Prince George’s delegate Tiffany Alston voted in favor of the same-sex marriage legislation and says that the legislation should go to the people for a vote.  We’ll see what happens.   Delegate Alston added an amendment that halts implementation of the legislation while litigation is pending against it.  Her amendment also makes it so that if one portion of the legislation is declare unconstitutional, the whole bill will be deemed unconstitutional. 

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