Geek Squad Summer Academy for Youth (Demo)

June 11th & 12th, Best Buy is sponsoring a Geek Squad camp for youth ages 9-18.

It’s being held at Elizabeth Seton High School, 5715 Emerson St., Bladensburg, MD 20710, from 10:ooam to 5:00pm.  Unlike other camps, the Geek Squad Summer Academy program and its agents bring the camp into the community, not the other way around. 
Geek Squad is partnering with Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center and Elizabeth Seton High School to teach students about the latest technology in a fun, interactive environment with classes such as PC Build, Programming, Digital Photography, and Digital Music.
For information on the program and how to register for a Geek Squad Summer Academy program, visit the web site HERE  Each Geek Squad Summer Academy program session will feature courses in five subjects:
• Programming– Campers will learn the basic foundation for computer programming with teamwork and critical thinking concepts, utilizing some of the most current technologies.
• Connected World – Through interactive exercises, campers learn the importance of responsible internet use, including protecting personal information, avoiding suspicious content, how to handle online bullying, and how to surf the web safely and securely. The campers will use collaborative tools to work together on group projects learn how to communicate with peers by accessing media through the tablets.

• Digital Music– Campers will learn some of the most popular music creation techniques with music creation software. Campers will work together to create music through some of the music technology processes that are used by musicians today.
• Digital Photography – While participating in groups, campers will learn the functionality of digital cameras while improving picture-taking techniques through advanced photography methods.
• Tech Activities–Camperswill participate in activities that include the latest gaming systems and content available for Kinect for XBox 360 and PlayStation® Move systems.
 The Geek Squad Summer Academy program taps into the growing trend of “gamification,” which applies game logic and mechanics to help individuals solve problems, engage users and simplify learning. The online counterpart to the Geek Squad Summer Academy program will be available to fill the educational needs of kids, parents and teachers by providing consistent and accessible technology education year round.

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