Go-Go Lawsuit Against Council and Real Money for Fake Grass (Demo)

Karen Toles SpeedometerI am totally tickled at this video depiction of Councilwoman Karen Toles (District 7) by Godfather of GoGo, Chuck Brown’s daughter KK.  The Go-Go community, led by Ron Moten, is rising up to oust Councilwoman Karen Toles.  Five Prince George’s residents (Lafayeette Williamson, Brian Logan, Lou Smalls, Dan Richardson and James Rorie ) have filed a $10million lawsuit against Toles and the County Council’s Executive board stating that  the local bill CB-18-2011,  forced many independent promoters and private nightclub owners out of business, asks for an immediate stay of execution and temporary restraining order as well as injunctive relief for racial bias and discrimination against African American business owners in the hospitality industry. Councilwoman Toles is singled out in the lawsuit for pushing through an amendment to the bill without public debate.  A quote from the lawsuit: “Dancing never shot anyone, Dancing never knife anyone. Dancing did defeat self-pity, low self-esteem and brought life and joy into the lives of people. There is even a Dancing with the Stars Television Program so how can we be targeted by Karen Toles without black culture being targeted.”

Ron Moten
Ron Moten, courtesy PGC Blog

Ron Moten and others believe that Councilwoman Toles’ is biased toward gentrification and fueled by political endeavors that will bring her money, due to her seeming need for it after a 2013 judgment was  entered against her in favor of the Plaintiff, National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union, in the principal amount of $39,355.16, plus pre-judgment interest through April 10, 2013 of $3.50 with interest accruing after April 10, 2013 until the date of entry of judgment at a daily amount of $3.50, attorneys’ fees of $4,351.00 and court costs in the amount of $185.00.  In April, Toles was found guilty in Charles County of FAILURE TO DISPLAY REGISTRATION CARD UPON DEMAND BY POLICE OFFICER.  What is up with her and driving? She stays in trouble on the road.  Ron Moten and his supporters are throwing their voting weight behind candidate Bruce Branch.  His campaign list support for anti-gentrification efforts, new church construction law, educational reform, a moratorium on foreclosures, and he has pledged his support to save Go-Go music industry and jobs in District 7.

artificial turf UnrealI don’t know if you remember the PGC Blog post on the Prince George’s County delegation passing legislation requiring artificial turf be installed at all Prince George’s High Schools, but it’s always important to follow the money.  The bill’s sponsors include Delegate Jay Walker (District 26), Delegate Dereck Davis (District 25) and Senator Douglas J.J. Peter.  Well guess who received a $1500 donation from the company FieldTurf? Delegate Jay Walker.  Just Jay Walker.  You can draw your own conclusions but it’s always interesting to follow the money.  Search the campaign finance database at: https//campaignfinancemd.usDelegate Jay Walker is running against a crowded field that includes standouts David Sloan and Keith L. Gray, who I’ve interviewed.  Excerpt of the post follows:

Del. Jay Walker
Del. Jay Walker

“Speaking of shoveling mess.  The Prince George’s County Delegation has been busy passing bills such as HB-1013 requiring that artificial turf fields be installed in each of Prince George’s County’s high schools at a total cost of $2 million.  Delegate Jay Walker noted that Of this total cost, funds from a state grant, Open Space program, and local funds are to pay $700,000.  The bill is sponsored by Delegate Jay Walker (Dist 26), Senator Douglas J.J. Peters & Delegate Dereck Davis (Dist 25)  For the record, the Prince George’s County School Board does not approve of the bill and has expressed concerns that this money could be used elsewhere.  Delegates Tawanna Gaines, Barbara Frush and Josephine Pena-Melnyk voted against the bill.  I know that football and school sports play a large role in the high school experience.  The Washington Post did a story on the sorry, muddy, grass-less state of football fields in the county.  I’m just concerned that in a county that frequently has test scores second to last in Maryland, this money could be spent on something more education centered.  Another concern is that this bill makes it mandatory that all high schools have the artificial turf installed by the year 2019.  I’m curious too as to what studies have been consulted regarding the carbon footprint of artificial turf; how many trees do we need to plant to prevent our air from being contaminated by all this synthetic grass?  What are the rate of injuries on synthetic turf versus that of synthetic turf?  And how did the Prince George’s County House Delegation come up with the number $4000 as the total yearly cost for maintaining synthetic turf when we all know that this stuff has to be re-stitched, disinfected, brushed down, etc. ” 


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