Good and Crazy (Demo)

Good Day to everyone.  I know everyone is talking about the weather and I shall use this space to do the same.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you haven’t tallked with someone in a while.  Yup, definitely going to get some weather. This has been some of the strange weather.  OK.  We’re back on track now.  Let’s talk about some of  the crazy going on in the County and yes, some of the good and then there’s stuff where you have to be the judge.

photo courtesy The Gazette
photo courtesy The Gazette

Delores Millhouse and Gina Bowler are proof positive the if concerned citizens stick with it and stay tenacious about their causes, they can affect change.  These two Moms wanted a Spanish immersion school in Prince George’s County and, by golly, it has now been added to the FY 2015 education budget.  With all the Spanish speaking residents in this area alone, it’s a wonder that this hasn’t come up before.  I’m just glad it’s going to happen.  The Washington Post covered their story. “After months of visiting schools, making phone calls during lunch breaks and cornering education officials after late-night board meetings, the two moms of preschoolers recently learned that what they called their dive into uncharted waters without a map had paid off. Schools chief Kevin Maxwell recommended, and the school board agreed, to include Spanish immersion programs at three schools in the fiscal year 2015 budget. “I was just so excited about the number of seats, almost equal to the French immersion,” Millhouse said.”  This is the good.

ProstitutePrince George’s County’s Police Vice Unit is going after prostitution in the county but has come under fire for their strategy.  Public Affairs Officer Julie Parker announced on social media and the website that their Vice Unit will conduct a prostitution sting the week of May 5th and will live tweet as they take down prostitution rings. What is getting the internet community up in arms is that suspect photos and information will be tweeted.  PGPD is calling this tactic progressive and unprecedented but responses from people representing the concerns of sex workers call the social media take down . Using the hashtag #PGPDVice brings up a bevy of responses ranging from “are you INSANE” to ” take a lesson from #myNYPD & don’t go forward with plans to livetweet arrests/stings. People’s lives are in the balance.”  Where do you stand on this?  Is this good or crazy?  I’m actually in the midst of being rebuked on social media for taking the stand that prostitutes are victims.
Panic Button On PhonePhone scammers claiming to represent Prince George’s County Circuit Court use scare tactics to try and extort money. The Maryland Judiciary is warning the public about a telephone scam that falsely claims to be from Prince George’s County Circuit Court. The caller tells the person he or she has been charged with contempt for not reporting for jury duty, refers to a Prince George’s County Circuit judge by name, and demands payment over the phone using a pre-paid card. 
“The court would never call a citizen and attempt to enforce a fine or threaten contempt,” said Prince George’s County Circuit Judge Sheila R. Tillerson Adams, Circuit and County Administrative Judge.  “If there was an issue with jury service, the court would send a notice in the mail and require the citizen to appear in court. If a fine or penalty were to be assessed, the citizen would be advised by the judge in person in court.”  If you receive a phone call about jury service fines, the Maryland Judiciary recommends that you hang up and disregard the call. I recommend taking a note of the call and passing it on to either the FTC or the local police.  You can check your status as a juror or report any suspicious jury duty telephone calls to the Prince George’s County Circuit Court jury office, 301-952-4385.
Glenndale House FireA man who barricaded himself inside his home and told Prince George’s County Police that he was a “sovereign citizen” was forced out when his home caught fire today, Thursday May 1st.  A police spokesperson said officers were dispatched to the home at 11500 Prospect Place in Glenn Dale to evict the man from his foreclosed home. The man barricaded himself inside and refused to leave. Officers then heard several loud pops before the man announced that he was a “sovereign citizen.”  The man inside “refused to come out and essentially barricaded himself in,” said Sharon Taylor, a spokeswoman for the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office.  The smoke forced the man from inside the home, and he was arrested. The others inside the home were also safely removed. Officials did not immediately release the name of the man who barricaded himself.  

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