Good Bye to Del.Tiffany Alston/ Hello to Greg Hall (Demo)

Former Prince George’s County Delegate Alston asks judge to expunge her conviction
Greg Hall to replace Alston and I’m getting anonymous email about him

Former Prince George’s County Delegate Tiffany Alston asked the judge to expunge her conviction and reduce her sentence on charges related to her use of state funds to pay an employee of her private law firmAlston would prefer her one year suspended jail sentence be reduced to probation since she’s never been in any trouble before.  Yeesh.  The Washington Post reports that Judge Harris and Maryland Prosecutor Emmitt Davitt are suspect of her quick work with completing the 300 community hours.  Alston testified on Monday that she worked around the clock to complete 300 hours of volunteer work in a month. 
Davitt  “questioned documents Alston provided that indicated she had worked 15-hour days and longer, including on the two days the federal government was shut down last week because of Hurricane Sandy. ‘We’re questioning the integrity of the hours,’ Davitt said during a hearing that was scheduled for 15 minutes but lasted more than two hours. ‘We were thrown by the numbers.’  Even [Judge] Harris sounded skeptical, “I don’t know how it was possible to complete all these hours,” Harris scheduled a follow-up hearing for next week.

Greg Hall, Prince George's County Delegate
Greg Hall

I received some bogus and anonymous email about Greg Hall, the businessman who’s been chosen in a 10 to 12 vote  by the Maryland Democratic Central Committee to replace former Delegate Tiffany Alston.  According to the anonymous email, Gregory Antoine Hall has a police record dating back to like 1970 but HELLO, looks like Mr. Hall was born sometime during the 1980sNEW INFORMATION: It has come to my attention that some of the story about Greg Hall is dead on.  I will conduct my own research to see what his criminal record is and reach out to him and those who voted for him.  An online bio for Hall lists one of his positions as Acting President/V.President for the Maryland Young Democrats, 2000-2004, so my guess is he wasn’t robbing people in 1970  Hall’s nomination by the 24-member Democratic Central Committee  requires the approval of Gov. Martin O’Malley (D).  If approved, Hall would serve until 2014, the remainder of Alston’s four-year term.
An anonymous tip was sent in to Maryland Juice about the changing of the guard:
” There is sooooo much you’re missing about what went down Friday night- this was a proxy fight between the progressives (Joanne Benson, SEIU, Wil Campos and Victor Ramirez) versus the old boys *corrupt* network (Camille Exum, al Wynn, Michael Vaughn and Carolyn Howard)- Arms were twisted, mud was thrown- they ALMOST prevailed by Terry Speigner taking the extraordinary step of VOTING for HIMSELF, but that one act was so offensive that one or two key people defected to our side and for once, the good guys won one!”
Pic of ME Because I voted today:


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