Governor Larry Hogan: For Some or All? (Demo)

Larry Hogan (l)
Larry Hogan (l)

Governor Elect Larry Hogan has assembled his transition team and is off to the races.  What does this mean for Prince George’s County?  It’s something of a crap shoot right now.  I’ve read that he wants to reassess moving the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development from Anne Arundel County to Prince George’s County.  Anne Arundel County supported the Hogan/Rutherford ticket by a whopping 66.1%.  Prince George’s County, hometown of Larry Hogan, supported the losing ticket of Brown/Ulman by a super-duper whopping 84%.  You do the math.  Larry Hogan has said about the move, “When they first talked about it, I thought it was a waste of money and thought it should stay here in Anne Arundel County…”  “I don’t know how far along they are in the commitment process … I’d like to get an assessment of exactly where we are in the process.” “It’s something we will leave the door open on to decide on later,” Hogan said in an interview with the Capital Gazette.
Purple LineThe Purple Line was just appropriated $100 million in federal funding in the House passed $1.1 trillion federal appropriations bill, thanks to Senator Barbara Mikulski.  The Purple Line would be, if built,  a 16 mile light rail line from New Carrollton to Bethesda.  There would be benefits to Prince George’s County (see illustration) but Governor Hogan has, so far, been a proponent of building better roads and bridges. *blank stare*  County Exec. Rushern Baker released a statement on the soon coming doe, ““The Purple Line is a critical component to enhancing economic activity in Prince George?s County, Montgomery County, and more importantly, the State of Maryland, by creating jobs, economic opportunities and revenue.  I want to thank Senator Mikulski and the rest of our Maryland Congressional Delegation for fighting so vigorously to secure funding for this important project.”  Maybe they can overrule Hogan if it comes to that.
Racist EggsSo far, Governor Elect Larry Hogan has been a disappointment.  I expect him to govern Maryland, all of Maryland.  I thought he would bring more backbone and Maryland solidarity to the office than this.  Why on December 9th did he meet only with the Republican County Executives of Maryland? And why in the WORLD would he make a statement regarding the Ferguson, MO grand jury decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown as callous as, ““It’s obviously an issue that’s enraged some folks on one side of the aisle…The grand jury reviewed the evidence, and they made a decision. It really doesn’t impact Maryland.”  Governor Hogan, are you already so out of touch with us?  Do you REALLY think this decision only impacts and “enrages” people on “one side of the aisle?”
Exclamation Mark Last BitsGovernor Elect Larry Hogan, you have to be a concerned and connected governor to everyone in the state, not just the ones who championed you.  There were 25k people in Prince George’s County that voted for you, and there are countless others who, because of the Ferguson non-decision, are afraid of how fast an interaction with the police could land their sons, brothers, nephews, uncles, cousins, and loved ones on a morgue’s table.  That impacts Maryland.

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Pure nonsense. We cannot afford this pointless trolley.

that “trolley” could attract millions in outside investment along that corridor, which would refurbish and upgrade the development stock (those buildings are falling apart and owners have been slow to refurbish or do anything imaginative on their own) along those portions of Prince George’s inner beltway. while that kind of leap does cost a pretty penny, it’s been overdue.
otherwise, Hogan has been your predictable, slash-and-burn, juvenile (as in that strange fixation on privatization and tax cuts as panacea) republican which seems to be the current bread and butter tactic of that particular sect of that party these days.
anyway, interest rates are about to increase. no one thanks Obama.

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