Governor Rick Perry (TX) Wants Maryland Businesses

Governor Rick Perry of Texas adds Maryland to his ever growing list of states he's trying to take business away from by promising a less taxing place in Texas.

(As I throw air jabs and mean mug) So watchu gonna do Governor O’Malley? Are you gonna just stand by an let the likes of Governor Rick Perry bad mouth Maryland?

Governor Rick Perry with his 8% sales tax having, bumbling at the GOP debate SELF is barking down the back of Maryland Governor O’Malley.  In a recent ad set to start airing in this area this week, Governor Rick Perry says:

“This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. When you grow tired of Maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think Texas, where we’ve created more jobs than all the other states combined. Where you’ll find limited government, low taxes and a fair legal system.
That’s why Forbes Magazine says Texas is home to seven of the 10 top cities in America to do business.
Unfortunately, your governor has made Maryland the tax and fee state, where businesses and families are paying some of the highest taxes in America. Since taking office in 2007, he’s approved 40 new taxes and fees, projected to cost you $9.5 billion more through 2014.
That’s a job killer.
He’s even passed a rain tax on some property owners – a tax even New York doesn’t have. Maybe it’s time to move your business to Texas and create more jobs. Visit, and learn why more businesses are moving to Texas.”

This is the same Governor Rick Perry that O’Malley had a bit of kudos for in 2011 concerning his in-state tuition fees for some illegal immigrant.  O’Malley dismsssed Gov. Perry’s  “tired old PR gimmick” and issued some lame statement highlighting  Maryland schools and a top rating by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce naming Maryland the best state in the nation for innovation and entrepreneurship for two years in a row.  O’Malley’s office said Perry should come to Maryland to see firsthand the choices that led to those results.  There’s truth that this is some sort of public relations campaign because this is the 5th state Rick Perry has come after; California, Illinois, Missouri, and New York preceded his Maryland rumble.  I don’t feel special anymore.  


Innocence Project Texas Exonerations
Innocence Project Texas Exonerations

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sick of the way Maryland’s liberal government passes taxes when, as hard as it is to swallow, there are places where cuts need to be made.  If O’Malley’s folk are reading this, I suggest an entire delegation get down and visit the two businesses featured in this ABC News & feature.  Mickey Oudit, president of Cosmos Air Purification and Environmental Systems in Landover says he “doesn’t feel comfortable doing business in Prince George’s County nor the state of Maryland” and he’s considering moving his business to Florida.  Lawrence Hillian owns a family construction business, Hillian Brothers and Sons,  and says that that business is happy in Maryland.  I don’t think Perry’s woof tickets should spur any counter campaign; that would just validate Perry.  In the meantime, Governor O’Malley, take a note from President Obama, who you say you admire so much, and learn to fight fire with fire.  When the words about Texas having a  fair legal system came out of Governor Rick Perry’s mouth, I almost choked.  Texas has the largest prison population in the country and according to the Innocence Project‘s statistics, the largest amount of falsely imprisoned persons who were later exonerated.  Governor O’Malley, you have 5 counties in western Maryland trying to secede and Tea Party darling Rick Perry inviting you to a school yard match like some juvenile bully.  Governor O’Malley, it’s time to fortify Maryland’s tax policies and business practices so that you can get in the ring and at least stick and move.




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Slick Rick – lol that’s funny
oooohhhhh he got us good with those commercials
I don’t think the commercials were really about business. I think they were really about checkmating Gov. O’Malley in the event he runs for president.
On C-Span, Delaware Governor Jack Markell said this is what U.S. governors should not be doing. They should not be poaching businesses from other states especially if they are in their region. They should be looking internationally to bring in entrepreneurs and corporations from outside of the U.S. so the pie gets bigger not redistributed. I see the Prince George’s County EDC has been doing just that. In the latest “Biz Buzz’ post they highlighted 3 companies from India that will be setting up shop and growing the business locally.
In all honesty, I would try to recruit entrepreneurs and risk takers from anywhere to bring their business to Prince George’s County.

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