Governor Seeks to Commute Sentences / Brandywine Woman Fakes Crime (Demo)

Brandywine’s Sharon Gray faked her kidnapping
Governor O’Malley seeks to commute 2 life sentences

Sharon "winner" Gray

Sharon Ruby Gray faked a kidnapping in order to delay a hearing in Prince George’s County civil court on charges that she falsified the will of an elderly man.

Governor O’Malley has published notice that he is considering granting clemency for two inmates convicted of murder in separate cases during the 1980s.  Mark Farley Grant was convicted at age 14 in a robbery/murder case. Mr. Grant’s case lacks DNA evidence; he is aided by the Innocence Project.  I remember the case of the second person, Tamara Settles who drove a man to Hyattsville after meeting him at a club.  The man was murdered by her boyfriend, a boyfriend who served 9 years to her current 27 years. 


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