Grace’s Fortune: Asian Fusion Cuisine (Demo)

Me and the hubster circled and circled 8th Street SE at Barracks Row in DC til we were dern near dizzy.  We just wanted a decent meal from Matchbox on The Hill but of course, there was no parking.  My stomach suddenly spoke up and suggested Grace’s in Bowie and the hubster whipped that car toward Route 50 so fast, so very fast.
It was a weeknight around 7pm when we arrived.  We were promptly and politely seated.  The décor of Grace’s is faux Ming Dynasty done nicely with the exception of one thing: there is Louis Vuitton carpet.  I say faux because I just don’t believe this designer makes carpet but that hasn’t stopped some of you from pasting it on wedding cakes, car interiors, and all other manner of evil.  Not the topic though so let’s get down to the food.
The fiery seven spice seafood sashimi martini is fresh and hot.  The heat creeps up on you as you are devouring the fresh salmon, tuna, squid, and yellow tail tossed in a spicy dressing that includes fish roe. Slivers of cucumber line the martini glass, providing some salve to your warmed tongue. I LOVE THIS THING.
If you go to Grace’s, order the Shanghai wings because they defy explanation. There is a deep flavor is like barbeque sauce but it’s not murky, resembling more of a glaze. Citrus overtones compliment the cooked texture of the chicken, which I think are deep fried but are tender like they’ve been roasted. DELICIOUSNESS!!!!
Anytime you can make a plate’s garnish taste like a main dish, you’ve got me and the fried grouper in the shape of a star that adorned Grace’s mixed seafood plate really stood on its own. The seafood was wearing this sauce with glistening red pepper flakes like it was a custom designed dress, a Louis Vuitton dress.  Ha!!  Seafood included scallops, shrimp, in a spicy Thai chili, oyster sauce based sauce.  The broccoli, green beans, and other vegetables were all firm but thoroughly cooked.
Panang curry with chicken came piping hot. It’s another dish that has creeping, sneaky heat. You’re lulled into a false sense of security by the creamy coconut milk; it’s rich but not but not too thick or overpowering.  Chicken breast in the dish is cooked just enough to be tender but not dried out.  The entree also has freshly cut green beans and red/green peppers, and baby carrots.  Great combo and I would order this dish again.
Grace’s also serves sushi and hibachi style seating and entrees.  I’ve had the sushi and been pleased.  Someone else will have to review the hibachi offerings because I’m just not into food experiences that qualify as fire hazards.  Grace’s is always a pleasant and delicious dining experience but what I am most happy about is that we easily found a parking space and after completing our meal, we were in our happy home in a matter of minutes without having to fight traffic.

Grace’s Fortune: Asian Fusion Cuisine
15500 Annapolis Road, Suite 115
Bowie, MD

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The original ‘Graces Fortune’ on Rt. 450 (behind Wachovia, Popeyes, & Starbucks, etc. – by Super Giant) is great! I was a little salty about paying $25 for General Tso’s Chicken, and Shrimp Fried Rice (for my godson), but me… [a testament in and of itself] had leftovers. I usually need something else to soothe the savage beast (aka my stomach), but the portions and taste made it great. I’ve had this Grace’s too and have yet to try Grace’s Mandarin at The National Harbor. Curious to hear what you think…

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