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Quite frankly, I gotta do better.  When I see news like 16 year old Marcus Antonio Jones being gunned down in Ft. Washington and a fight at Friendly High School related to his death, then I read  more bad news of a 23 year old also gunned down in District Heights, it makes me not want to blog. 
Tepid news that our new PGCo hospital is considering 5 sites in Prince George’s, “County and state officials are looking at five to six potential sites for the hospital, including the shuttered Landover Mall, and property near Woodmore Towne Centre, both just off the Beltway, according to an official with knowledge of the sites who spoke on the condition of anonymity for lack of authority to discuss the matter publicly. Another site under consideration is Largo Town Center, which is also close to the Beltway and has a Metro station. Officials also are looking at land around the Morgan Boulevard Metro station as a possible hospital site. Currently, plans call for transforming Prince George’s Hospital Center site in Cheverly into an outpatient facility.”  Bad news is that the estimated price of the hospital has gone from $600 million to $650 million, The Washington Post reported.   Even with the higher price tag, it would be great for the old Landover Mall site to become a hospital campus.  That hospital could fuel businesses and development, also bring good jobs.
I’ll do a blue cloud post today if I have to comb through piles and bits of info to find something more upbeat than this.

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My personal opinion is that the FBI site and medical center site should be located near the under utilized metro station along the central ave corridor.
Having these huge employment hub near the metro helps to reduce traffic around the beltway and also makes it easier for those who do not have automobiles to still get to work and utilize the hospital. Also metro, walking, and biking to the hospital will entice those who work at the site to use other modes to get to work provided that the area is cleaned up, amenities are built will want to possibly call the area home.
3rd it fits into the TOD plan that PG County has been selling for the past few years.

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