Greg Hall and Tiffany Alston REJECTED (Demo)

I am happy, to say the least, that both Greg Hall and Tiffany Alston have been rejected as Prince George’s County delegates.  I’ve heard from a Democratic Central Committee affiliate and she said that she disagrees with me, and that Hall is a great guy.  My response is this: Prince George’s County cannot afford Hall’s past crimes or Alston’s current brand of crazy.  We are a Black county that has just suffered the public humiliation of Jack Johnson.  You have to keep that in mind.  This political climate leaves no place for another potential scandal. 
From the Washington Post: …Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will choose who represents the 24th District in the General Assembly, Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge C. Philip Nichols Jr. ruled Wednesday. And O’Malley does not even have to wait for a recommendation from Prince George’s Democrats.
Governor O’Malley has already rejected the nomination of Greg Hall and Tiffany Alston can take the 34 page ruling from Judge Nichols and dry her weeping eyes.  Terry Speigner was the runner up to Greg Hall in the Democratic Central Committee vote.  Insiders described Terry Speigner‘s defeat as a win for progressives and a loss for the old guard but I think both factions need to step back and look at the big picture.  There is a process of vetting political nominees that must be followed.  In the case of Prince George’s County candidates, the vetting process must include a thorough background check for anything that would bring shame: child support arrears, criminal convictions/charges, gambling problems, 8 wives in three counties, etc.

Throughout this whole fiasco, Greg Hall has maintained that Gov. O’Malley doesn’t have the authority to choose Prince George’s delegate.  Tiffany Alston has held tightly to the technicality that the striking of her conviction before judgement meant she could keep her seat.  Judge Nichols has said no to both and now the constitutional authority to choose rests with the Governor.  More from the Post: “[Judge] Nichols treated the ousted delegate harshly, saying that allowing her “to retain her seat despite her finding of guilt and conviction frustrates the very purpose of [the Maryland Constitution]: to restore the public trust in our elected officials and the institutions in which they serve.  Although Nichols declined to rule on when probation before judgment is tantamount to a conviction, he found that Alston was unquestionably convicted and that the conviction was unquestionably final because she had waived all her appeal rights. That ‘final conviction’ is what triggered her removal from office.”
‘The fact that Ms. Alston’s guilty verdict was ‘struck’ 35 days after she was sentenced does not mean the conviction never occurred,’ Nichols wrote.
Tiffany, stop bringing embarrassment to yourself and this county.  Girl sit down and bye.  It’s over. 
Greg Hall said about O’Malley’s authority to seat a delegate, “He has no say,”  “He has no discretion whatsoever.”  Face it Greg, there is no technicality for you this time.  Find another way to serve the county until there is enough distance from Jack Johnson‘s mess that we don’t still smell it.

Governor O’Malley better choose well.  Remember that I posted all the contact information to O’Malley’s office, so get on the horn about who you want to represent you in the General Assembly.  The Democratic Central Committee, Tiffany Alston, and Greg Hall are a motley crew that needs not make anymore decisions on behalf of Prince George’s County citizens right now.  Choose well O’Malley.


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This is great news, and I do hope O’Malley makes a good choice to fill the seat.


Well, that didn’t last too long.
If the appeals court ends up siding with Hall,O’Malley may have his hands tied (certainly his tongue tied…or maybe just fit to be tied?) And no group will be more to blame than the DCC (and, ok, perhaps also the Young & Dumb Democrats group, too); no individual more than Will Campos. Let’s hope his chosen proxy in D22 fares better in the light of public scrutiny than his chosen knucklehead in D24. Lord, what a mess!
We’re well beyond a black eye for PG. We’re looking at two black eyes, a busted jaw, and a potentially fatal wound to respect. And this is supposed to be the *new* generation? The ‘new’ generation is more than mimicking the incompetence of the old guard…with breath-taking alacrity. A pure cock-up.
What next? A Rod Blagojevich-type auction?

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