Grill, Grapes & Jazz

Pat Hall Jaynes, CEO and founder of the 3 year old event Grill, Grapes, & Jazz throws a great gathering.  I attended yesterday’s charity event that benefited 5 charities (see post) and was thoroughly impressed.  I will be back whether they invite me or not. HAHAHAHAA!! Seriously though, The HR Source is a Prince George’s County based business, and from what I’m told by another HR firm owner, a highly reputable business that I am proud to say thrives in Prince George’s County.  Not only that, Grill, Grapes, and Jazz was held at the gorgeous Oxon Hill Manor, located in, you guessed it, Prince George’s County.  OH-EM-GEEEEEE!! It’s such a fantabulous space.  The exterior of Oxon Hill Manor was as regal as the interior, with its gardens, walkways, and lush greenery.
Oxon Hill Manor, PGC BlogAs a judge, I, along with several others including Chef Danielle Turner, and Jeanine Hunter of Suite 76, judged the grilling competition.  Good stuff.  Ribs, lamb, chicken, and duck breast had depth of flavors, innovative pairings, and the intense passion from the chefs showed through.  Speaking of passionate, let me tell you that at 6pm I was the only judge seated and EVERY chef, be they amateur or professional, was ready with their presentations. 
If you didn’t attend this year, attend next year.  There was dancing, a silent auction, wine/beer tastings, and a live auction.  And on top of all that, the people in attendance were genuinely friendly and engaging.  This was an event to remember.  Stay tuned because I was so thoroughly impressed with the chocolate covered bacon from Parfections, and the offerings from Potomac Market Gourmet that I plan feature posts on both these businesses soon.




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