Herman Cain and Niggerhead (Demo)

I don’t blog on weekends much.  In order to maintain some semblance of sanity, I can’t work all the time.  In keeping with this effort, I was out of the loop as the Herman Cain story on how Blacks have been brainwashed into voting Democrat ran ad nauseum and the Washington Post broke a story on Governor Rick Perry’s family lease on a hunting property called Niggerhead.
What Rick Perry and Herman Cain don’t know about Black people is that some how, some way, Black people will look beyond your facade and use deductive reasoning to determine whether you come in peace or if you’re politically correct solely for politcal purposes.  Some personal circumstances are beyond your control like being born in Texas and raised in an area where Niggerhead was commonly used as a name for locales until legislation was enacted in 1991 to change these offensive place names. Note: these type of names were not unique to Texas or the south.   Then there are things you have full control over like being a member of a whites only country club ( Katon Dawson), using racially charged words like tar baby (Rep. D. Lambourn R-CO) and always aiming to slash budgets for socially beneficial programs after the GAO releases a report showing the redundant programs and waste is largely found at Dept. of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.
We Black people take all these things into account when choosing the lesser or evils or as it’s commonly termed, voting.  In no way do most Black people completely believe in or fully trust Democrats.  They are simply the most palatable when it comes to their handling of issues that concern the Black community.  In my opinion, the best Democrat so far has been former President Bill Clinton.  His Welfare to Work program, handling of the budget, and his knack for NOT entering this country into wars to make his buddies billionaires was a real crowd pleaser in the Black community.  Did we overlook the fact that he was/possibly still is a whore? Nope not at all.  Were we unaware that he had to deal legislatively with a majority Republican Congress? We knew.  And we chose.  
Would we ever chose Rick Perry or someone like Sen. John McCain?  Probably not because although I admire McCain’s fiscal stance and his policy of not being wooed by lobbyists or using earmarks I also know that McCain and his wife, Anheuser-Busch billionaire Cindy McCain, are filthy rich and McCain opposed making MLK day a national holiday and supported the efforts of his state and racist Governor Evan Mecham to rescind the holiday for the state.  He eventually said he regretted those votes in opposition to the holiday but it left Black people like me wondering, is he being honest or is this just a ploy to clean up an ugly past that no longer suits his future political pursuits?  I won’t vote and wonder when, not if, you will don a mask of pointy white sheet with the eyes cut out and come to burn down my house with me in it.
That visual of the pointy white hood is another reason why Rick Perry will not get this Black vote.  I know he voted for Hispanics to receive the benefit of in state tuition, a definite liberal/moderate move, but I keep thinking of that stone with the painted over word, Niggerhead on it.  If I found a stone on our property with the word kyke or wetback or raghead, I would have been incensed and either had that stone obliterated or removed. But that’s because I know what it feels like to be thought of as a nigger.  I’m still not saying that Perry is a racist or that his family is racist but I can’t stop knowing that that stone only marked in memorial what his surrounding community perpetuated. 
Certainly I don’t speak on behalf of all Black people.  Wouldn’t I have to be famous to do that?  Some of my best friends (giggle) are Black and I take the time to know them.  There are people, not just Black people, on auto pilot as it pertains to their voting but those people reside from California to  Washington, DC and Florida.  Would you label them all brainwashed or is that term just relegated to poor Blacks that need welfare?  Oh, I forgot to mention that we know how to translate political-speak i.e. states rights, entitlement programs, etc.
If Black people are brainwashed because the majority don’t vote Republican, are then white people who don’t vote for Herman Cain brainwashed into believing Black people aren’t as smart as white?   Mr. Cain would, I’m sure, answer “No.”  Oh I see.  The white people would, by deductive reasoning,  just choose the lesser…

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Well…alrighty then…
– Signed A Brainwashed Black

I actually hadn’t heard about either story (yes, I’ve been under a rock lately, but with good reason) but Herman Cain is right about me being brainwashed. I’m brainwashed to believe that when anyone other than a professional comedian makes generalizations about our people like that anything else they have to say is likely just more foolishness.

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