Hospital, Henchmen, House Parties and Trash Bins (Demo)

Hospital henchman FeaturePrince George’s County is not in the good graces of Governor Larry Hogan. Yes, I know he grew up PGCo but alas, he has no love for us. Whether it’s his henchman on the Maryland Health Care Commission who decided that the county “…must reduce the number of beds, shave off square footage and bring down the price by more than $100 million before he can recommend approval of a ‘certificate of need.’-WPost or the lovely Judge Judge Richard Leon who’s ruling states the County should “consider declining ridership on Metro because Metro will meet the new rail line at several points.”-WBizJournal.  UUUUUUMMMM WHAAAAT IN THE WORLD?!!!
Larry Hogan I said noSo you want Prince George’s County, where the population is growing and hospital options are diminishing *sidebar* If you think ANYONE is going to Prince George’s County Hospital after this recent bacteria outbreak, which made the national news, you have lost your mind. *end sidebar* to factor in WMATA’s temporary decline in ridership because of  repairs being made to the subway system via the SafeTrack plan.  PGCo is to make reductions in cost and beds for a hospital that will have 231 acute care beds when the Largo/Kettering population alone is over 10 thousand people, Brock Hall area of Upper Marlboro has over 9 thousand people. Should I go on to include the populations for Capitol Heights, Seat Pleasant, District Heights? All these people will be patronizing the new Largo Hospital that Hogan’s henchmen want cut down to 131 beds. Are you serious? For that many people?

Purple Line TrainAnd the business with the Purple Line is just petty. Governor Hogan, listen, I know you have to keep your campaign promises to the constituents who actually voted for you. Prince George’s County voted overwhelmingly (84%) for the losing Brown/Ulman ticket.  Hogan promised better roads and highways for his supporters and he’s coming through for them with projects like the $229 million plan to reduce congestion along the I-270 corridor, which goes from Montgomery County (36% voted Hogan) to Frederick County (63% voted for Hogan).  Back up off me Hogan supporters because you don’t know WHO I voted for, and trust and believe I know that the world of politics has an ugly axis, nevertheless, I believe politicians should give rewards to those who supported them, but not to the detriment of the whole constituency.  Governor Hogan, Prince George’s County sees you and we know what’s the what with you. I know you’re salty about the way they wrote up the legislation and got it passed, but don’t make us all pay.

Trash Pickup once a weekMoving on. I’m hearing that the once a week trash removal is not working out for a host of PGCo residents.  There is petition on that will be presented to County Exec. Baker requesting a return to twice a week trash pick-ups.  The petition cites, “smell of rotting garbage, neighborhood filled with overflowing trash receptacles, and the attraction of animal life” as some of the reasons for going back to the previous trash schedule. Also expressed in the petition is a dissatisfaction with all the perks National Harbor is getting while resident-centered services are cut, “It’s time to have our voices be heard by the County Executive, and the Prince Georges County Council.  Not just at election time.” Chime in on the comments about your feelings, yay or nay, about the new once-a-week trash pick up.  I’m curious.

open house signIt’s no wonder that Prince George’s County median home prices are consistently going up. With the price of a doorknob in DC now around $32k, the median home price of $270k for an entire house in PGCo seems a paltry sum. Last year at this time, median home prices were $238k. Read the entire WPost article if you like. Some homeowners are resorting to having elaborate ticketed parties in their homes to make ends meet or a profit.  Upper Marlboro homeowner Sharon Taylor was fined $7500 for a June 4th Afro Caribbean Pool Party where alcohol and food were being sold.  According to the WPost, “…undercover officers bought tickets as members of the public and attended [the house party]. They were given wristbands and were patted down, and they found themselves among 300 partygoers who were buying bottles of liquor and food from the buffet. The homeowner, Sharon Taylor, said that the county unfairly targeted her and that she plans to fight the fine. Taylor said she worries that the enforcement push on house parties is one way for the county to drive out affordable entertainment options for the black community.” GIRL STOP! Sharon, hunbun, 300 people in a residential neighborhood is NOT affordable entertainment for the Black community.  It is a menace to the Black community where the party is being held. Hunbun, secure one of the many banquet halls in PGCo, hire security, a caterer, and a dj, get a theme and throw you a party where you can charge and drink all you want, but do not not not not NOT bring all those boozing burger eating folk up into my neighborhood. Nope. Your “Black community” card won’t get stamped today.  Do right Sharon.


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I don’t really have much of a problem with the once a week trash pickup because I typically try and recycle as much as I can. However, being that my trash pickup day is on Friday…having a cookout over the weekend can be problematic because the trash will be sitting for 6-7 days. I do have an issue with the county not waiting to implement the program until after all the 60 gallon trash cans were dispersed to residents. That has really exacerbated the trash pick up problem.
Most jurisdictions in this area has once a week trash. If they can do it…we can do it. However, i believe that we ALL need to do our part. I have a problem with those residents who choose not to put their trash in trashcans but will put plastic bags out at the curb so that any rodents can get into them. This adds to our litter problem in the county.

I would like to get the promised 60 gallon trash can. I would also like to get the street I live on resurfaced to be as beautiful as those surrounding the harbor.. It’s about time our home values are finally increasing.

Yes, most other jurisdictions in our area (and everywhere else I’ve lived) have once a week trash collection, and it works perfectly fine. The county studied the issue and found out that a very high percentage of residents only utilized one collection day, and that result was very much in line with my observations of my neighbors. The twice a week collection was incredibly wasteful – both fuel- and money-wise. I know most of us in PGC are Democrats, but that is no excuse to be wasteful with our taxes. Also, much of the litter in our neighborhood is generated on collection days by the garbage trucks, so my observation has been that this change has reduced the amount of litter in our neighborhood. Having said all this, and being the resident who advocated for this change for 5 years, the rollout of the new system was not the best. The main problem was that the county implemented the change before getting everyone their new trash cans; that’s what most of the griping is about. There are also some practical challenges, like HOA rules that require trash cans to be stored in a garage – which is not an ideal thing to do in this kind of summer heat. But these are issues that can be addressed. If everyone else can make it work, why not us?

First the Trash pick-up — the county screwed up by implementing the once-a-week schedule before the cans were handed out. We were told they’d be out by July. Well… It’s august, and no sign of them.
Next — The PG Hospital project — Dimensions has been a money pit since before it was Dimensions. They have no idea how to run things. It’s not a bad thing to point out that the medical community is changing how things are done thanks to Obamacare, and that less people will likely be spending overnights in the hospital. Hogan & his admin were in talks to fund the project, and were working out terms and conditions with PGC, UMMS, & Dimensions when Sen. Mike Miller blew those talks all to hell. Miller forced a funding bill through the Md Legislature that doesn’t lay out any terms for project, just hands Dimensions a guaranteed amount of money every year for the project for the next several years. As soon as Miller announced his bill, the talks fell apart.
Last, I’m not sure how a DC Judge ruling that the Purple Line should NOT rely on 2009 ridership statistics is Hogan’s fault. Hogan funded the Purple Line, and even took all kinds of flack for cutting the Bmore Red Line while funding the PG/MoCo purple line. It’s not his fault Metro is using outdated ridership data to justify spending such massive amounts of money.

Thank you!!! The once a week trash pick up is unacceptable. And please do not state that our home values are increasing because they are not. We are battling all of the things you mentioned in your post. People abuse in the community by having parties that are a danger to The residents of the community, the trash attracting animals and rodents and insects. I don’t want is 60 gallon trashcan, where am I supposed to fit that? My car barely fits in my one car garage. The contractor is not for filling their end of the bargain. They are not collecting the trash at all at times. And then at the multiple complaints when they are forced to come and pick up The trash, but only from the homeowner that complained, they still don’t come. and when the county tells them they must go pick up the trash of the complainant, they have the nerve to call it a special pick up. This is not a special pick up, this is a pick up because they never picked up the trash. The trash collector contractor is in breach and the contract should be terminated. This is not that difficult. There are many contractors that would bid for that work. I would love to see the contract that is in place and I need to understand why they have not been terminated. District 6 in Prince Georges County is under attack. Collateral damage from the housing market crash and other fraud and abuse that is targeted toward our community. And you are exactly right we likely did not vote for Hogan or our county executive nor out councilman. And we are being treated as non-factors. I can afford to live elsewhere, and I plan to.

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