Hump Day Happenings (Demo)

Fairfax County is now competing with Prince George’s for the FBI, Jason Scott sentence to 100 years in prison, Muse loses it at Maryland Democratic Party Luncheon, County Exec. Baker says “no” to new Inspector General’s Office 

Officials from Fairfax County are trying to lure the FBI into relocating there.  Sen. Cardin and Rep. Hoyer are working to bring the FBI to Prince George’s County.  We’re officially in a competition.

Jason Scott, a former UPS employee, stalked, robbed, raped, and terrorized residents of Prince George’s County in a crime spree that spanned years.  He used UPS databases to gain information on his victims and to plan his violent crimes.

WHAT WAS HE THINKING?  C. Anthony Muse took the podium at the Maryland Democratic Party Luncheon and went OFF about Gov. O’Malley and Rep. Hoyer endorsing incumbent Senator Ben Cardin.  He had a race ignited implosion as he accused the state Democratic party officials of unfair treatment of African-Americans that challenge the white establishment.  Both the Executive Director of the Democratic Party and the Party Chair are African-American.  Muse also accused O’Malley and Hoyer of using their personal speeches as thinly veiled Cardin endorsements.  While I don’t doubt that they snuck in endorsements for Cardin, Muse made a fool of himself by exhibiting such a lack of control.

County Executive Baker recommends reorganizing the Board of Ethics into a new Office of Ethics and Accountability that would investigate waste, fraud, and unethical behavior.  This new office would work closely with the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Baker thinks it would cost too much to establish a Inspector General’s Office, even though it was recommended by an ethics task force.

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