Hurricane Sandy by 6PM (Demo)

This is just crazy.  What kind of end-time weather is Prince George’s County experiencing? A snow storm is on the way from our west and we’re being pounded by hurricane Sandy from the east.  Jesus take the wheel! My hope is that ALL PGC Blog People are hunkered down inside their homes.  The storm is on track to hit hard in our area between 4pm and 8pm.  I refuse to believe that we will see massive power outages.  Please join me in this collective disbelief so that we can form some sort of Mr. Spock-ish mind meld to thwart Hurricane Susan’s impact.  I’m looking at reports of huge snow fall amounts in Roanoke and parts of West Virginia but I’m holding tight to my hope that we won’t lose our power.  In the event it is needed, shelters have been opened throughout Prince George’s County:
Charles H. Flowers High School, 10001 Ardwick Ardmore Road, Springdale, MD
Gwynn Park High School, 13800 Brandywine Rd, Brandywine, MD
University of Maryland, Ritchie Coliseum, 7950 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD
Pepco has crews coming in from Washington State, Dominion Power has crews coming in from Kentucky.  The speed limit has been officially lowered to 45 mph by the Maryland State Highway Administration, State Police, and the Transportation Authority.  This 45 mph speed limit applies to all interstates and US routes and it applies to EVERYONE including police, fire crews, ambulances, and utility crews. 
Tracee Wilkins of NBC4 is reported live from the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro where they are experiencing major flooding.  Even the President has made a statement about the serious nature of this storm.
Please listen to the warnings and stay safe.


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Thanks for keeping us updated!
I was out earlier to pick up a few groceries and luckily the stores and the roads weren’t full of people. Now, warm and cuddly and praying power stays on lol!
Stay safe!

Standing in agreement that we don’t lose power! Is the County government closed tomorrow–Tuesday? Thought I heard Tracie Wilkins report that but no confirmation on County’s website from County Executive.

Yes the county government is indeed closed.

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