Hurricane Sandy EMERGENCY Declared (Demo)

Governor Martin O’Malley has signed an Executive Order declaring a State of Emergency for all Maryland counties as the State continues to monitor Hurricane Sandy and its potential impact. The declaration gives the state flexibility to activate the Maryland National Guard and provide assistance to local emergency managers.  “As Hurricane Sandy makes its way north, I urge all Maryland residents to prepare for extreme weather,” said Governor O’Malley. “I urge all Marylanders to review their family emergency plans, make sure their emergency supplies like batteries and water are fully stocked and to stay informed.”
Hurricane Sandy has gone from being a Category 1 storm to some strange thing called an “extra tropical cyclone.”  That sounds CRAZY!  Already 21 people have been killed: 11 in eastern Santiago and Guantanamo provinces, and 10 in Haiti. The last I heard, the winds had slowed to 75 miles per hour but all the broadcasters are saying Prince George’s County residents should be prepared for power outages.  HELP ME because PGC Blog is NOT ready.  The storm is also going to cause snow in some of the mountain areas of our surrounding regions.  The best case scenario is for the DC area is for the storm to make landfall in the north, but I’m not hoping for that because the shore towns in New Jersey and New York could be ravaged.  Yeesh.  The storm’s trajectory could change by as much as 200 miles by Monday so for all the maps and forecasts I’m showing in this post, know (AND PRAY) that this could all be wrong.  I’m hopeful especially since it’s speed is slowing.  Pepco and BG&E are mobilizing personnell so they can provide speedy a timely response to outages.  Alright everyone.  Check in and let me know what’s going on in your neighborhood.  Send photos.

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