I Disagree (Demo)

disagreeI had the worst interaction yesterday with a “personality” with which I disagreed.  Prior to this, I’d really enjoyed this “personality’s” postings and musings.  Wow! This “personality” went straight eye-rolling, “whatevah” on me and while I was extremely disappointed, all I could do was chuckle and use it as fuel for my fire.  There are so many politicians, movements, authors, even artists that either I don’t agree with or believe they are sorely in need of a seat; and yes I can be vocal about it.  But geez, I know how to disagree without being disagreeable or wigging out like a total loon.  For example, the first week of May, Prince George’s County’s Police Department announced that they were going to do a live tweet of their prostitution sting.  I’m thinking, “good.”  All I did was tweet the announcement from PGPD along with my sentiment and, kaboom, I ended up in twitter beef with every victims/sex-workers advocacy group/nonprofit/enthusiast in the twitterverse.  I heard some of them out and some had great points regarding the need for victims advocates and counselors to be on scene to assist those identified as prostitutes.  I totally agreed. 
Angry Smiley IconThen there were those who saw prostitution as a victim-less crime where those engaged were to be left alone.  Ummm NO!! I will never agree with that.  But in the disagreeing, some resorted to calling me names, taking very petty swipes at me for my stance; that got a lot of people blocked.  A LOT! Hahaha!! That’s not dialog, not at all.  Eventually the PGPD called off the live tweet. I think they should have done what I did which was listen to the great suggestions from people with a heart for helping, and relaunch.  Don’t abort.  
So today I’m relaunching in a sense.  Reloading and realizing that I don’t agree with everything and everyone but there’s a way to do it that doesn’t reduce me to mean-girl tactics.  Here are some things you might or might not agree with.  Yes, I know I ended that sentence with a preposition.  *Rolling my eyes* Whateva!  I’m just kidding y’all.  That’s not me. 
MGM National HarborMGM National Harbor  is going to have some huge screens. While I don’t live anywhere in the screen’s viewing vicinity, do you agree with the scope of these screens?
Story HERE
exclamation markGrowing Kids Child Care Center on Greenbelt Road in Lanham, operated by Ona Reckling, hadn’t paid rent in 4 months.  Now parents are left stranded.  This sucks.
WJLA story and video HERE

DC General Hospital
DC General Homeless Shelter

Prince George’s County’s homeless population dropped by 5% while DC’s rose by A LOT, 13% to be exact. Of this 13%, almost one third are children.  What I don’t agree with here is the way, the absolute sorry (insert expletive here) way that Washington, DC has handled it’s working class citizens.  A large population of DC teachers, police, firemen, nonprofit employees, retail workers, ALL live in Prince George’s County not just because it’s a swell place, but because they in no way can afford to live near where they work.  I don’t agree with that. 
Story HERE on the Council of Governments study and findings.  Umph, umph, umph.
Ray Raysor and Family
Ray Raysor and Family

Governor Martin O’Malley signs legislation into law granting co-op owners protections from unlawful fees, but the law came too late for the blind man who was evicted along with his wife and seeing eye dog who were the impetus.  Managers of the Village Green Co-op were investigated by the county’s consumer affairs office and an injunction was issued to stop all evictions for a month.  According to Mr. Raysor’s wife, last year their fees increased by $142.  Their fixed income couldn’t accommodate that increase and Mr. Raysor said the fees were unfair so he contested them.  Hopefully Mr. Ray Raysor and his family will be allowed to move back into their home after a court hearing next month.  Right now this family has no fixed address and Mrs. Raysor is in need of an operation.  See full story HERE and video below.


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