I’m Not Gone (Demo)

It’s been too long but that’s a long story in itself.  I went on vacation and had a great guest blogger signed up but my guest blogger, a really friendly guy, reached to pet the dog of his neighbor and the dog bit him.  There is a scar, swelling, and yes, he had to have tetnus shot.  Ouch.  In the meantime, I returned to much of the same in the county and a little bit of different on the national front.  I’ll be reporting on some new political developments in the District 4 Council seat race and news about the new Copper Canyon restaurant that opened in the Woodmore Town Center.  Stay tuned this week.
WalmartLooks like the Oxon Hill area is the new retail development area hot spot. Wal-Mart is hot and heavy to open a supercenter on Oxon Hill Road, down the street from National Harbor and close to the new National Harbor Tanger Outlet, which opens Friday, November 22nd.  From the Washington Post, “The Wal-Mart would have a full-size grocery and bring 300 jobs to southern Prince George’s, Wal-Mart spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said. The store would feature a brick-and-stone facade with a glass atrium entrance. As proposed, it would be close to the road to create an “urban” feel, with easy pedestrian access, according to Wal-Mart.”  With 6 stores opening in DC and another opening in Bowie soon, Wal-Mart is on the move to take over.  I wonder if they’ll be able to sell alcohol in their stores like in DC?  I set foot in the DC Costco and it looked like a liquor warehouse.  Good grief!
Liquor BottlesBowie, MD is trying to attract stores like Trader Joe’s but the Gazette reports that Trader Joe’s isn’t all that enthused about coming to Prince George’s County unless a liquor license can be granted, “[Bowie] City officials have had their sights set in particular on Trader Joe’s, a national specialty grocery chain based in California, since 2011, but said the company has been hesitant to open a Bowie store without promise of a liquor license, said city manager David Deutsch. “It’s a store that we believe a number of Bowie residents travel to Annapolis and frequent. And we’ve had a couple of grocery stores close down,” Deutsch said, adding officials hope to fill a gap left by Giant at Pointer Ridge Plaza that’s been vacant for five years.  

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Mayor Rob Ford

Speaking of drinking, what is going on with the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford and Florida Representative Trey Radel?  OH-EM-GEE!!  Rob Ford has admitted to using crack while in a drunken stupor but kinda denies it because no one has showed him the videotape, but he doesn’t deny the videotape exists because, like he said, he has had druken stupors.  Geez.  To add insult to his already injured reputation, Ford stormed though a Toronto Council meeting where he was stripped of most his mayoral powers and dern near knocked over a female council member.  He also made crude remarks involving oral sex at a appearance with a Canadian football team.  A press conference for his apology followed.  Dude is on a roll.
Rep. Trey Radel
Rep. Trey Radel

Back in the United States, Republican Rep. Trey Radel has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession in a Washington, DC court; he was sentenced to a year of probation.  Yes, this is the same Representative Trey Radel who voted in favor of a provision in the recent House version of the  Farm Bill that requires food stamp recipients to be tested for drugs.  Oh how the chickens come home to roost.  Should we start drug testing our Members of Congress?  It’s a good thought at this point.

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Odd that Trader Joe’s is using a liquor license as its reason not to go to Bowie. TJ’s in Columbia doesn’t sell liquor. Nor, I believe does the TJ’s in Silver Spring. Hmmm.

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