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Medical Marijuana legal in Maryland, Base jump inside National Harbor, Maryland House approved strict gun-control measure
Maryland is passing legislation that has it resembling DC more and more.  That concerns me.  With the passage of legislation such as the medical marijuana bill, I wonder about the costs in overseeing these “medical research centers.”  How will we pay to ensure that medical marijuana doesn’t get into the wrong hands? I’ve watched Judge Judy and seen quite a few people with prescriptions for weed and NONE of them complain of glaucoma, cancer pains or Parkinson’s.
Marijuana plantFrom WJLA, “The Maryland Senate has passed a measure to allow academic medical research centers to have medical marijuana programs.The Senate voted 42-4 on Monday for the bill already approved by the House of Delegates, sending the legislation to Gov. Martin O’Malley. O’Malley has not personally said whether he will sign the bill. However, the state health secretary, who is a member of O’Malley’s cabinet, has expressed support for the measure.
The Senate vote came on the last day of the legislative session, which adjourns at midnight. Most major bills already have cleared the Legislature.  The Legislature will be working through the day and night to put the finishing touches on a variety of other bills. Measures to expand early voting, address liability for dog bites and facilitate public-private partnerships remain.”
Miles Daisher did a base jump took  inside National Harbor.  You can’t explain this to me.  You just can’t.

SB 281- The Firearm Safety Act of 2013 has passed the Maryland House and is on it’s way to the Senate.  From WJLA, “The bill, which passed 78-61, would govern not only what kind of guns are legal, but how customers will be able to buy them.  The House has made some changes to the bill approved by the Senate more than a month ago. But the strongest parts of the bill are still in it. They include a requirement for future handgun buyers to submit fingerprints to the state police to get a license and limiting magazines to 10 bullets.  An assault weapons ban also is in the bill.” 


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