Is MGM Mirage Mobbed Up? (Demo)

I received this information release and just sat back and said whaaaaat?  You don’t say?  People I’m just posting this one as it came:
Prince George’s County Contractors and Business Association released information accusing MGM Grand of being connected to the Mob.  Yeesh.  I have not added one iota of text to the information below.  Read on.

“It’s not surprising to learn that officials from National Harbor have chosen to partner with a casino operator, MGM Mirage, which reportedly by the news media was forced to divest its casino interests in Atlantic City by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission because of its alleged ties to organized crime.
On February 1, 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported “For years, New Jersey regulators have raised concerns about the suitability of casino company MGM Mirage’s business partner in China, Pansy Ho. Now, MGM Mirage has an answer: cash out of Atlantic City.” MGM did just that! They sold their share of Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa for a more lucrative deal in Macau, China in lieu of facing further allegations of being linked to organized crime.
Dating back to 2005, the esteemed New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) lead investigations into MGM Mirages’ Macau joint venture with Ms. Ho and were unconvinced that MGM Mirage’s Macau partner, Pansy Ho, could operate independently from influence of her father, Stanley Ho given his ties with Asian organized crime and letting gangs operate in his casino’s VIP rooms according to a special report dated May 18, 2009 of the Division of Gaming Enforcement to the Casino Control Commission on its investigation. Facing the impact of such charges, along with public inquires, and the potential ruling that the company wasn’t fit to do business in the state, left MGM Mirage with no other choices but to break an agreement with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to sell its interests in China or leave Atlantic City. They chose the latter.

‘It is just unthinkable that Milt Peterson would consider bringing to Prince George’s County a company previous investigated in New Jersey for its links to organized crime, stated Joe Gaskins, Chairman of the Prince George’s County Contractors and Business Association. We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled… The minority contracting community has never benefited from the National Harbor and now he wants to bring a company tied to the Chinese, North Korean, and Russian mobs into our community?’

Chief among other discussions by legislators is the tax rate that would be imposed on a Prince George’s casino. Maryland currently has a 67 percent of casino proceeds at four of its casino locations. This same amount should be shared by the State and Prince George’s County. However state and county legislators and officials from MGM are suggesting a rate of 52 percent.

‘How can this same group consider giving a 15% tax cut to billionaire casino owners, stated Arthur Turner, Community Activist and Leader. Why raise taxes on us and give tax breaks to the big boys? We have to really watch this and how our senators and delegates vote. Who is keeping score? Are they with Maryland residents and their constituents or are they with the billionaires whose company is not even based in Maryland?’


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