Jericho City of Praise Ruling & Maryland Gospel at Strathmore (Demo)

Jericho City of Praise is rightfully under the direction and lead of its Board of Directors according to Judge Dwight Jackson 7th Judicial Circuit Court. Washington Post reported on the ruling this week, “A multimillion-dollar mega church in Landover is rightfully controlled by a board of directors, not the son of the ministry’s co-founder, a Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge ruled Tuesday. Judge Dwight Jackson’s ruling was a blow to the supporters of Bishop Joel R. Peebles, former pastor of Jericho City of Praise, who had argued that the current board of trustees had wrongly appointed themselves to lead one of the largest churches in the Washington area.” Membership is way down at Jericho City of Praise, as you can see from the video below, while Bishop Joel Peebles is packing out Forestville and Eleanor Roosevelt High School where they hold services.  I hate to see this bickering continue and the church splitting this way.  More from the Washington Post story:

Joel Peebles and wife in robesThe Board of Trustees, in a statement, said that the lawsuit had been a waste of taxpayer time and money. “This Board of Trustees always has been committed to conducting the matters of Jericho in a responsible manner consistent with the way we were trained by Apostle Betty Peebles,” the statement read. “We have and will continue to abide by the laws of Maryland. We hope that this decision will discourage future complaints that are without merit, a drain on court resources and a distraction from our mission of ministry.” But in a joint statement, the plaintiffs called Jackson’s decision “appalling,” because it “allows six defendants who admitted under oath to committing fraud, theft and forgery to remain in control of a Maryland Mega-church.” The plaintiffs cited the deposition where one of the members of the board, Killen, admitted to signing Betty Peebles name on documents and taking cash in the amount of $27,000. In a letter to his congregation, Joel Peebles said that there are several more legal matters to be settled and the case is far from over.



The Strathmore in Bethesda is hosting a gospel events TONIGHT, Friday February 7th and  TOMORROW, Saturday, February 8th that will feature choirs from Prince George’s County.  Tonight’s event is a sing and along alead by the Tribe of Judah Choir RCCG; gospel music’s history will also be discussed.  Tomorrow night’s concert, “Make A Joyful Noise: Best of Maryland Gospel,” will have as their guests James E. Jordan Adult Choir of Riverdale, Tribe of Judah Choir RCCG  of Victory Temple in Bowie, and the nationally renowned Oxon Hill High School Choir, and more. I don’t know who or what the “and more” is.  Georgina Javor, program director at the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda.  It’s just hitting me that it’s Black History Month.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the only time Strathmore has featured gospel music.  The Tribe of Judah choir competed at the 2011 How Sweet the Sound gospel choir competition where they won Best Small Choir at the event. The Jordan choir won the People’s Choice Award, the Best Large Choir Award and the East Coast Regional Choir Award at the same event sponsored by Verizon.
Tickets for Friday, February 7th are $8.00.  Saturday concert tickets start at $26.  Click HERE for more ticket information.
Clips of choirs:

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