Job Fair Attendees Get Big Clothing Discount (Demo)

Thursday, August 16, 2012, from 10am-3pm at Capitol Heights’ Oakcrest Community Center, there will be a job fair sponsored by Men Aiming Higher. Some of the participating employers include Allen Technology Inc., United States Secret Service, Silver Trucking Company, Papa Johns, Fedex, AFLAC, Prince George’s Police Department, RCN Cable, and CVS Pharmacy.
Please see the web site for the full and impressive list of participating employers. Oakcrest Community Center is located at 1300 Capitol Heights Boulevard. An added bonus to registering for this job fair is a 50% discount at Men’s Warehouse. To register for the job fair, simply upload your resume at the web site, or register by inputting your information and then inquire about the discount while inside Men’s Warehouse.

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