Jobs NOW (Demo)

My day job is on The Hill which makes for some interesting political interactions.  You never know what or who is going to pop up.  This morning’s jolt was a protest held by Peaceoholics.  I heard the chants, “What do we want? JOBS! When do we want them? NOW!” and saw the signs waving.  Passionate displays by passionate DC people.

Does PGCo have that kind of fire?  Currently, there is a bill sponsored by Council Members Franklin and Harrison, CB-17-2011, An Act concerning Economic Development and Local Employment.  This bill purports to create bidding preferences and participation requirements for County-based businesses, and establish a First Source Hiring Program that requires a certain percentage of local hiring for positions on certain procurement projects directly funded by the County.  Will it be enacted with power or will its requirements fall on bad ground like the requirements and regulations that were to ensure Prince George’s County residents preference in placement at National Harbor?

Peaceoholics wants the American Jobs Act passed now.  Their flyer asks,  “Whose side are you on? The rich or the rest of us?” News Flash: PGCo residents, in general, are not rich.  If jobs are not the priority of this County, it will continue to lag sorely behind Virginia and neighboring Maryland counties.  I see the legislation, I hear the talk.  It’s time for the people to be seen and take a stand.  Our houses are in foreclosure and every week more companies and jobs move into Virginia.  PGCo CANNOT rely on property taxes any longer! 

Come on Prince George’s County.

And before you hit me up with the Peaceoholic dirt, arrest yourself: I’m in knowledge of it.  It’s not the focus here.

Come on Prince George’s County.


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