Joe Biden Gets a Pass (Demo)

For starters, I’m biased: I like Joe Biden.  I see him as something of an alter ego for President Obama.  One that can get away with saying the more crass and direct things that need to be said without being labeled.  He has had some memorable gaffes.  Remember when he told Representative Gabby Giffords “Now we’re both members of the cracked head club.”  I laughed so loud because he was SOOO wrong for that.  It was appalled laughter.  WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME?!!!!
Now we’re back to Biden.  At the Institute for Learning and Advanced Research in Danville, VA, Biden was talking about Romney’s promise to deregulate the banking industry if he is elected.  He quoted Romney as saying  “unchain wallstreet.” Then came the tumble, ” They gonna put y’all back in chains.”  There were some gasps. Some boos. Mostly just weirdness created by a comment that he probably regretted the minute it left his mouth.
Why is he not being fried in the media at a much higher temperature?  Because Black people will give Biden a pass because, I think, they know he didn’t mean them harm.  Had this come out of Paul Ryan, Dick Cheney, or even Dan Quayle’s mouth, we would have fried them until they were crispy, like fried chicken.  <- Shameless race baiting here that I can get away with because I have credibility within the Black community.  The current Republican party’s relationship with Black people and the cognizant working class is more and more distant.  I use the term “cognizant working class”  because some of the people are financially broke but believe that the Republican party represents their interests.  Not cognizant of their situation because they believe their whiteness will eventually prevail.
Biden’s credibility is assigned to him as a result of his history (participated in anti-segregation sit-ins, experienced loss, working-class upbringing to include bullying, stuttering, and fights) and his current position as V.P. to the most powerful Black man in the world.  We see some of ourselves in him, so we forgive his screw ups.  Most republicans, tea partiers, etc. are not afforded this luxury because almost everyone sees through the politically veiled racism.  We translate your language and know exactly what you mean: Cut entitlement programs = strip all welfare recipients,  Take the country back = take this country back from the niggers, We want a president with American values = we want a white president.
(gasp. they’ve been listening and they know)
Yup. Do.
So get over it.  We’re (not all of us) are mad at Biden. 
Listen to the entire gaffe and tell me what you think.


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