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I get all tensed up when I have to report on crime.  It’s not like it doesn’t happen in DC or VA but I hate reporting it in PGCo because the county is majority Black.  Am I the only one who is bothered like this? Last week we had the ATM thefts at Exxon stations, this week it’s all kind of more crazy.  Sometimes the crazy gets to you, sometimes it doesn’t.  Today it’s getting to me. So quickly let me tell you that 20-year-old Allen Kelsey and 18-year-old Juanan Turrentine  allegedly (wink-wink) robbed a 7-Eleven in the 9200 block of Oxon Hill Road in Fort Washington on Wednesday night.  As Kelsey and Turrentine were fleeing the scene in a car, said car struck a curb and they got a flat tire. Where did Frick and Frack stop to change the tire? You guessed it: the parking lot of a different 7-Eleven. This parking lot is where the police found and arrested them.
This is what breaks my heart.  Look at the face of the CHILD Juanan Turrentine on the left.  He is a child with a criminal record now. 

711 Robbery
J. Turrentine (l); Kelsey (r)

Confiscated weapons, courtesy PGCo Police
Confiscated weapons, courtesy PGCo Police

This carjacking report from NBC4, I just can’t.  More young people studying trouble, ruining their lives.  “According to police, officers responded to a carjacking in the 6700 block of Stanton Road in Landover at approximately 2:30 a.m. There, two victims said they were lured to the area by a woman they met online. When they arrived, the woman told them to pull into a driveway, when three armed suspects ran from behind a house and demanded the victims’ personal property and car. The victims complied and were not hurt.
GamblingCardsOnFireSpeaking of crime and stolen money, Maryland’s lottery and casino industries generated $929.74 million for the state during the last fiscal year, the regulatory body that monitors both announced Wednesday. Traditional lottery sales decreased 2.2 percent, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency reported, but gains from four casinos contributed to a total increase of 35.1 percent over what the state received during the previous fiscal year, this from the Baltimore Sun.  “The state’s casinos generated more than $608.3 million — $76.8 million more than projected — including $284.3 million paid to the education trust fund meant to support early childhood, elementary and secondary education and fund school construction and capital improvement projects across the state.  About $39.1 million went toward bolstering horse racing purses in the state, and $10.8 million was set aside for racetrack improvements. Casino money also went toward local impact grants ($30.7 million) the gaming control agency ($11.2 million) and to support small, minority- and women-owned businesses ($8.4 million).”
Aisha Braveboy Superwoman CapeWho, oh who, will be a save us from the criminal ills and elements that plague the land.  Look, in the sky, it’s Prince George’s County Delegate Aisha Braveboy and as the new Attorney General for Maryland, she says she would address crime in Baltimore and Prince George’s County.  Brought to you by Afro American, “Maryland Del. Aisha N. Braveboy (D-25) said she is ready to throw her hat in the ring by mid-September as a candidate for the next attorney general of Maryland. If she wins, the Prince George’s County-based delegate would be the state’s first African American woman attorney general.
Braveboy said to curb crime in areas such as Baltimore and Prince George’s County, there has to be a restructuring to the juvenile justice system. She said many youth are not receiving the services they need to properly rehabilitate. Braveboy said many young offenders have a myriad of issues such as undiagnosed mental and physical health issues and substance abuse problems.
 A native of Washington, D.C., Braveboy said since the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act she will work to ensure Maryland residents are not disenfranchised by gerrymandering and redistricting. The attorney general advises the legislature on drawing the district maps based on the 10-year federal census.
“As attorney general, I would make sure the diversity of our state is taken into account in this redistricting,” said Braveboy. “Redistricting will become a more and more important part of the conversation in a state like Maryland which has a growing minority population.”

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Not sure I am a fan of this Braveboy chick. Last contact I had with her she was carrying the torch in support of a WIlliam Kyndall Francis. Who the hell is William Kyndall Francis you may ask? Well he was the owner of Legacy Property mgmt which was a fraudulent property mgmt company that basically stole money and doctored books to cover it up from many condo associations in the PG County area until they were closed down by the MD state attorney. Mr Francis new home is in Jessup, MD for a laundry list of charges.

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