Kevin Maxwell is New PGCPS School CEO (Demo)

NBC4’s Tracee Wilkins broke the announcement.  Her sources say that Kevin Maxwell will be named the new CEO (formerly known as a Superintendent) for the Prince George’s County Public Schools.  “Anne Arundel County Superintendent Kevin Maxwell has been named C.E.O. of Prince George’s County Schools.  News4’s Prince George’s County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins broke the news on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.  Maxwell worked as a teacher, principal and educational administrator in Prince George’s for 22 years, before becoming Superintendent of Anne Arundel County Schools in 2006.  The Prince George’s County’s superintendent position was renamed “C.E.O.” this year under the auspices of Gov. Martin O’Malley and County Executive Rushern Baker.”
From the Washington Post, “Maxwell, 61, who has served in top administrative positions in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, will become the eighth schools chief in Prince George’s County in the past 14 years. He comes to Maryland’s second-largest school system as it undergoes a major overhaul, one that limits the role of a reconfigured school board and places more power in the hands of the new school superintendent, now known as the chief executive officer.”

Kevin Maxwell, pic South River Source

It’s good to know that he has such a long history with Prince George’s Public Schools but what was his impact during that time?  Anne Arundel Schools have struggled with achievement gap issues but place high on the lists of best schools in Maryland.

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Based on the available information and initial reactions, Dr. Maxwell seems like a good choice. He checks a lot of the boxes people wanted in the CEO. For me, the only obvious question relates to his age. How many years does he have in him? But even that could be a positive. I’m not sure that he will be looking for greener pastures when he gets here. And if he serves five years (until the end of Baker’s second term), it should be enough to make a real difference.

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