Lance Armstrong and the NRA = FOUL (Demo)

I support every citizen’s right to own a firearm to protect themselves and their property but I can NOT support the NRA.  Their new ad campaign comes after this President of the United States under the guise of an attack on an “elitist” who believes his children are worthy of armed guards but sees your little crumb snatchers as peasants without need of any protection due to their lowly estate.  What a crock of crap.  Do your children receive death threats?  Does everyone in the free world know what school your child attends?  Is this President the first to have armed guards protect his children or is this standard procedure that we, as a country, have decided is best for the family of the President?  No. No. And YES!!!  Once again, the cloaked klan conservatives have overstepped the line of what is an acceptable attack, this time by bringing the President’s children into the debate.  These people are so out of control with anger over “this” President that they can’t contain themselves.  I’ve printed it here before and let me not waver: We know what “elitist” translates to for the cloaked klan conservatives.  Elitist = uppity nigger.  In the ad below from the NRA, President Obama’s image is pictured with an all white cast of liberal elitists such as David Gregory and V. President Joe Biden, so as not to draw fire for their labeling of the President as “elitist.”  See the ad below.

Yes, I’m still dealing with a cold and a headache and it’s put me in something of a grouchy mood so I might as well strike while my grouchiness is fueling me.  Lance Armstrong ought to be hung out to dry.  The only reason his narrow tail is fessing up to anything is so that he was caught and he’s trying to get ahead of the story coming from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and gain the clearance to compete in triathlons because he is going to be broke soon.  From the Washington Post, “To persuade the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to allow him to compete again, Armstrong must agree to provide specific information about cycling’s doping culture over the past decade: the drugs that riders took, where they got them, how they skirted detection and outfoxed drug tests.”  Lance Armstrong is also being sued by Floyd Landis for $35 million; a suit that the Department of Justice may join.  We’ll know by tomorrow.  Why so much fussing on my part about a guy I don’t cheer for and a sport I don’t follow?  Because he represented my country abroad and disgraced us all and it seems, his only inspiration for redemption is the mighty, mighty dollar.  What a gem in our flag.  
The upswing of this is that Oprah has one coup of an interview.  Hopefully it will generate good ratings for her OWN network.  Go Oprah.  Capitalize on the public drama of others.  It’s the American way.  I’ll be watching to see just how awkward his confession is and if any contrition exists at all.  


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