Langley Park Apartments Not Fit for Living (Demo)

This is a crying shame.  Residents of Bedford Station, Victoria Station, and Newbury Square Apartments in Hyattsville’s Langley Park area are living under awful conditions.  Floors stripped down to baseboards, bed bugs, boarded up units, missing ceilings, and violent abusive security guards.  Now renters are protesting.

The properties were acquired by investment bank Walker and Dunlap after foreclosure Residents report cases of lead paint poisoning and more.
One resident said he was beaten by the security guard because he didn’t have identification.  WHAT?!  The County has given the owners until October 20th to make repairs and if that doesn’t happen, this could go to court.  You know the only reason these people are being treated like this is because they are Latino and basically a captive audience.  Most probably have nowhere else they can go.  I would say there are two sides to this story but I can’t think of another plausible side that any company could justify.   See video of the story below.


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