Lawsuits from Principals and Tiffany Alston (Demo)

Former Prince George’s County Principals are suing the Board of Education and former Superintendent William Hite for discrimination
Former Delegate Tiffany Alston threatens to sue if she doesn’t get her seat back
The 800 member strong Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel filed a class action lawsuit against PGCPS and William Hite, alleging discrimination based on age and race.  According to the Washington Post, “The complaint, which seeks $100 million in lost wages and benefits, interests, costs expenses and attorney fees, was filed this month in District Court.  The union alleges that the school system terminated 27 employees in spring 2011 “under the guise or pretext of a reduction in force and/or reorganization.” The school system “systematically promoted” younger principals over those who were over 40 and subjected older principals to “more subjective and rigorous performance standards,” according to the lawsuit.  This is reminiscent of the Michelle Rhee storm that hit DC’s public school system.  Prince George’s public school system saw major bad press for their handling of all those Filipino teachers that lost their jobs.  What the heck is up NOW with this?  Well Verjeana Jacobs, Carletta Fellows, Edward Burroughs, Zabrina Epps, et. al.: you have a LOT of TRANSPARENT work to do.  No wonder former Superintendent Hite got his butt out of here so fast.  Worse yet, a  federal district court judge ruled the lawsuits can be recognized as Title VI claims and can move forward WITHOUT A DAMAGE CAP so all hopes that this will only cost BUT so much are lost.   This case all stems from a LOT of mess that happened at Largo High School where the principal Angelique Simpson Marcus is accused of calling her staff names like “hood rat” and “chicken head.”  You have to read this mess to believe it.

Another worse yet moment is Tiffany Alston’s pursuit of her recently snatched delegate seat.  How about you just walk away from this wound and let it heal.  Tiffany Alston, via a statement from her lawyer, has threatened to sue in order to get her seat back.  Her attorneys Raouf M. Abdullah and J. Wyndal Gordon dispute Alston’s permanent removal on the basis of a judge’s modification to Alston’s sentence prior to judgement; her one year sentence was reduced to probation.  Sounds like she’s planning some mess at the State House, “After a court hearing, Alston’s attorneys said that the Prince George’s County Democrat is prepared to sue, if necessary, to continue serving in the House of Delegates. And even though she no longer has the keys to her old office in Annapolis, they said she may try to occupy it anyway—a move that could set up an awkward, if not tense, standoff in the halls of the State House.,” from the Washington Post.  Tiff, if you’re reading, please walk away and regroup.  

Greg Hall, Prince George's County Delegate
Greg Hall

In the meantime, it also seems that the delegate seat is still a hot topic.  Greg Hall is a Prince George’s County “entrepreneur” who was voted in to replace Tiffany Alston (see post) by the Democratic Central Committee.  Turns out Greg Hall has a long criminal history to include has been convicted of failure to obey traffic signals, driving with an expired vehicle registration and failure to properly restrain a child under the age of 16.  Hall also admits that he faced much more serious drug and handgun possession charges in the 1990s. According to Maryland court records and contemporaneous news reports, he was charged with murder in 1992. A 13-year-old bystander was shot accidentally during what police characterized as a gunfight over a drug dispute between Hall and another man. Hall was jailed for 40 days and then charged instead with gun possession. The other man, who had shot the boy, received a 30-year prison sentence, (Washington Times)  Looks like he was also named as a defendant in a 2004 case CAL04-26694, Simmonds  vs. Broadwater, 004 Staff Code/Initials: 014 DISMISSED/MD RULE 2-507 W/O PREJUDICE JURISD, FD.; AS TO TOMMIE BROADWATER, LILLIAN BROADWATER, EBONY; INN, AL PAYNE, JOHN DOE AND GREG HALL/SS. 

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