Local Development, Brewing Mess, Purple Line Progress, Nation in Distress

So how about the mess going on in this country? Isn’t it just ridiculous in a “but not really” kind of way.  #45 (aka Trump) has affirmed to the people of these United States that after the August 12th racist demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA, that there is enough blame to go around, “What about the alt-left?” DUDE WHAT? One of the racists killed a woman and probably meant to kill even more. But what dahell are we expecting him to do? His alt-right-white administration is falling apart and the “evangelical” community who support Trump is FINALLY coming to the forefront as the sideshow hucksters and ungodly racists they are and have always been. Yes you Paula White , Franklin Graham et. al.  I mean DAMN, you can’t even count on the Boy Scouts to do right in this political environment. (Back down you cussing demon. #45 will not enslave you to that cussing spirit. Not today devil) If you’re not up for walking the demonstration lines and still want to make it known you’re pissed, go out and VOTE and buy houses, VOTE and open businesses, VOTE and take care of your children, VOTE and volunteer with your/my church’s anti-recidivism program, VOTE and pray, VOTE and buy stock, VOTE and be the wokest woke waking walking wokester there ever was.  Strike out against the mess in a way that will have compounded impact. OK. That’s it for now on our national mess.
The Purple Line got a reprieve. Me doth wonder what kind of finagling the Transportation Department had to do with Governor “I Hate PGCo” Hogan to get him and his cronies to relent? Through the yet to be signed agreement, Maryland would have immediate access to $325 million of the $900 million in federal funds allocated for the Purple Line. Read up at Univ of MD’s newspaper, and drop them a donation while you’re there. They do good work.
A 225-unit apartment complex behind the recently renovated Bowie Marketplace is on hold by a judge. Fran Longwell, lawyer for the citizens’ group Concerned Citizens for Accountable Government, said the council went against the recommendation of both the city’s staff and the city’s planning board in approving the apartments and they did so without any justification. Longwell lives in the Somerset section of Bowie, the one closest to the proposed apartment complex. “The city council seemed to overlook the fact that the traffic was too much, the density was too high and it didn’t conform to the (area’s) master plan,” Longwell stated in the Capital Gazette. The ugly truth about drawing businesses and restaurants is that they want guaranteed dense populations like what you see in DC. I’m a professed NIMBY so I understand not wanting to add a 225-unit apartment building to my neighborhood, but if the Bowie Council gets the judge’s approval to build this complex, it will bring even more amenities, and yes, even more traffic, litter, and require more infrastructure support.
I have to verify this development news but word on these suburban streets is that  Woodmore Towne Center and Ritchie Station Marketplace keep gaining businesses. Me being the age I am, I give a big “meeeh” for the opening of Foot Action and Kicks USA at Woodmore Towne Center. The internet is reporting that Silver Diner, Cava Mezze coming to Woodmore Towne Center and we already knew about Ritchie Marketplace getting a Olive Garden. Nordstrom Rack at Woodmore is set to open September 7th.
Switching gears. WHAAAAT is going on, for real, with the school system? There are so many interconnected parts and players that have NO BUSINESS being connected.  So thankful for the blazing bloggers over at pgcpsmess; the reveal a lot. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that PGCo’s public schools are totally jacked. I hear the stories from parents about the total turn around at Largo HS. I overheard a girl on the subway complaining that she didn’t want to hang out in “Laahhrgoh” because all the kids out here want to do is “go to class.” HAHAHA! Child guh-bye. Edward Burroughs IIIBOE Rep. Dist 8,  and his crew have accused the PGCo School Board of systematically doctoring test scores to increase high school graduation rates. Governor Larry (I Hate PGCo) Hogan, has decided, in his infinite compassion and concern for this county, to investigate the allegations. How about you stop (Ooow I almost cussed again. I’m going back to fasting next week. No cuss demon shall rise here.) MESSING with the money for our new regional hospital since you’re so concerned with PGCo? In the wake of the allegations, school board member Beverly Anderson, a Baker appointee, resigned, calling the board dysfunctional. It’s too much to recount. Burroughs and School Board CEO Maxwell have an ongoing, ugly feud. Hogan doesn’t like Baker. Burroughs is chummy with Hogan.  Delegate Dereck. E. Davis is married to Deputy Superintendent Dr. Monique Davis, who allegedly bullied Oxon Hill students at their graduation. Oh it’s all TOO MUCH. This is why we have to support organizations like the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund. We need new, innovative, UNBOUGHT/BOTHERED, fresh talent to serve in this county. Too much mess.


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