Long Lines at Mall for Nike Release (Demo)

Quite honestly, this is a bad look for the struggling Black youth of today.  They have the highest unemployment rate of any youth group but somehow, through their industrious measures, they are able to scrape together $220.00 needed to purchase the newest release from Nike: the Foamposite Galaxy.  My personal opinion is that the shoe is positively ugly.  I mean, yeeeeeesh! 

Lines started forming outside the Mall at Prince George’s on  Wednesday; at it’s peak the line was at least 300 people strong.  Now, laughably, the release has been canceled due to security concerns (wonk-wonk).  I guess that $220 of hard earned money will either have to be saved for another release date or squandered on another youthful trend.  News reports this morning say the crowd has not dispersed and one person has been taken away by the police for disorderly conduct.
I took was young once and owned A LOT of athletic shoes.  I had a job at all times and knew the cut off price because I had other expenses like tuition, rent, etc.  I’m sorry, whether it’s  the 1980’s or right now, there is just NOT a athletic shoe on God’s green earth that is made in China for about $40 that I will purchase in this country for $220.  NOT HAPPENING!  Be forewarned: these shoes attract thieves and murderers.  One father outside the mall told of his son being robbed for his shoes.  Again I say, NOT HAPPENING!!!!


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