Lots Being Said About MGM & Prostitution (Demo)

This Friday was supposed to be sunny, warm and relaxing, but NOOOOO! There’s a overcast sky, a chill in the air and talk, talk, talk about everything. National news has picked up the story on Prince George’s Police Department live tweet of prostitution sting, a town hall today to say the people of PGCo are not going to be pimped by MGM, and well, actually that’s enough.

Prince Georges Police BadgeWhen I tell you Twitter and other social media blew up yesterday and today with word from Public Affairs Officer Julie Parker that the PGPD Vice Unit is going forward with tweet-by-tweet coverage of their prostitution sting.  And then I had the nerve to say that the young women/men caught up in prostitution are victims. WHAT THE WHAT?!! You would have thought I had said prostitutes should be fed to the lions.  Julie Parker further clarified the focus of the prostitution sting in post today on their blog:

The announcement of the operation sparked intense discussion on social media, due in part, to the spread of misinformation. Our Vice Unit will target those who choose to solicit a prostitute, not prostitutes themselves. The intent all along has been to put on notice and/or arrest the very people who exploit women and even young girls in our community. Some young girls and women involved in prostitution are victims of human trafficking. Our Vice Unit regularly helps trafficked women connect with groups and advocates who help them escape the dangerous sex trade. We’re hoping the advance notice we’ve provided acts as a deterrent to would-be johns who choose to engage in this illegal behavior. This is another example of our department’s commitment to transparency. We’ll give our community real-time access to the PGPD’s Vice Unit which is dedicated to shutting down this type of illicit business and seeking help for its victims.

While I’m not sure if Twitter is the best vehicle for this type of operation, especially after hearing rational concerns from blogger/writer Avery Day, I’m not swayed that the it’s totally unreasonable for the police to go after people who traffick humans for sex and the pimps who profit off of their pain.  I’ve been lambasted by persons representing “consenting adults” (which is totally NOT what any of this is about) and been invited to the the name calling game from persons representing “sex workers.” If you know of nonprofits or any organization that focuses on helping people who want out of that life, please email me, tweet me, or message me on Facebook.  In the meantime, if we disagree, let’s do it respectfully.  
MGM National HarborThe Maryland Business and Clergy Partnership, along with members of District 26 are taking their concerns about a bill passed by the Prince George’s County Council that loosens requirements for MGM at National Harbor to hire and do business with county residents.  Pastor Charles McNeill and his supporters are having a town hall today, Friday, May 2, 2014, 6:00 p.m. at the Clarion Hotel, 6400 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill, Maryland.  In a statement from the Business Clergy Partnership,  “thousands are expected to sign the online petition” calling for the demise of council bill CB-7.   The statement describes CB-7 as a  “bill that gives the management of MGM the right to use ‘Best Efforts” as a standard for consideration for use of local residents and businesses for the development of the casino at National Harbor.  The original gaming expansion bill provided for local hiring, use of local and minority businesses and impact funding that include road improvements along the 210 corridor. These initiatives was intended to be enforced and strengthen by the Prince George’s County Council through a “Community Benefits Agreement.” The Business Clergy Partnership has been making itself known in the county.  Rev. Charles W. McNeill Jr., pastor of Unity Baptist Church in DC, co-chairs the partnership with  Joseph B. Gaskins, chief executive officer at the Economic Development and Training Institute, a non-profit community development corporation based in Suitland. The partnership endorsed Doug Gansler for Democratic nominee for the Maryland Governor’s race. 
Council PuppetsI posted (post here) on how the long arm of the short sighted in Annapolis (the statement names Thomas V. Mike Miller)  has reached out to puppet our local officials.  I’m glad the people are protesting.  If MGM is going to be here profiting, the people should get a good cut.

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In this town (DC), I think the main problem with policing prostitution would be the sheer numbers…and how you define it!

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