Marching On This (Demo)

I went into the weekend all excited about the March on Washington 50th Anniversary but that Friday held news of sudden death, small plane crash, robberies, and then yesterday, another crazy robbery.  Please take a look at the security image captured at the end of this post.

PGCo’s first week of school ended with a substitute teacher suffering a medical emergency while on his way to his first day of teaching and dying inside the school.  The 59 year old substitute teacher died was being escorted by an administrator to his classroom assignment when he suffered a medical emergency.  Medics arrived on the scene but were unable to revive the man.    Students say that their classmates are “shook up”, especially since some were in the vicinity of the death.   Max Pugh of Prince George’s County Public Schools said of the students, “We kept them in the class, first period, for about three hours while the investigation was going on.”  NOT how you want your children to end their first week of school.
Also that day, a small plane crashed in Bowie.  Maryland State Police reported the crash took place around 9:40 a.m. A small single-engine plane crashed into a corn field next to Freeway Airport in Bowie, Maryland. Prince George’s County Fire officials said the plane was carrying four occupants and only had minor injuries.
Later that Friday night, two young women were shot at a party in Brandywine.  The victims were attending a party at a volunteer firehouse in Brandywine.  For reasons which remain unclear (read: stupid), several juveniles began fighting inside the party. The fight spilled outside, where someone began firing a handgun. Both victims, who detectives believe were not involved in the fight, suffered non-life threatening injuries.  See this is why parties should be reserved for people over the age of 30.  Uuurgh.
Cheryl at March on WashingtonI attended the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington on Saturday, August 24th which distracted me from the string of robberies that took place in the Riverdale/Hyattsville area.  Thankfully the three guys who allegedly committed these crimes have been caught and are now in jail.  I, along with probably 100 thousand people are at the Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King Memorial marching to commemorate the original March on Washington.  We’re still out here protesting discriminatory practices and laws, unfair wages, racism in the criminal justice system, disenfranchised poor people, and the erosion of our voting rights while Marcus Ford, Anthony Cooper, and Tyewon Batchelor are out robbing people at gunpoint.  Three robberies in two days.  Thursday, August 23rd they robbed a food delivery man.  Friday the 24th, they robbed two sets of people who were respectively going home and walking down the street, all while we prepared to march on Saturday because we still have reason to march.  There was a line from Rev. Al Sharpton that sums up my feeling about this crew of young robbers, “Don’t you ever think that men like Medgar Evers died to give you the right to be a hoodlum or to give you the right to be a thug.” Robbery Suspects from Eastern Ave
Monday that message was missed again in District Heights when the crime circle was completed with a mid-day robbery of Popeye’s in District Heights, reportedly that took place at lunch time while customers were in the place.  From NBC4, “Police in Prince George’s County are looking for two men who held up the Popeye’s in District Heights. Investigators say the two went in right at the start of lunch Monday and implied to the cashier they had a gun. After getting about $120, the two walked out and ran away.  Police said there were a number of customers inside the restaurant at the time, but no one was hurt. Officers closed down the inside part of Popeye’s while they dusted for prints.  If you recognize the two men in the surveillance photo below, you should contact the Prince George’s County Police Department.”
Popeyes Robbers

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