Maryland Primary 2014 Results and Reaction (Demo)

VoteWhew. I started piecing together all the post election primary results and URGH, it’s just too much to do in too little time.  So here’s a brief list of the Prince George’s County winners below in this post.  See the Washington Post full Maryland Listing HERE and the official primary results from the Maryland State Board of Elections HERE. But I don’t need to tell you that Lt. Governor Anthony Brown received the Democratic nomination to run for Governor (Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford received the Republican nod).  What is surprising is that Heather Mizeur and Doug Gansler were actually neck-and-neck, receiving 21% and 24%, respectively, of the vote.  That’s a bad sign for Doug Gansler. He should have come on the PGC Blog radio show like I requested.  He might have been able to make a better showing.  Oh well.  PGC Blog will be following the Governor’s race closely. 
Marilynn Bland resultsPGC Blog started following the Marilynn Bland run for clerk of the Circuit Court race kind of late but the more I read, the more disturbed I was that this chick had been so successful and so crazy for so long.  Thankfully she was voted OUT.  Come on PGCo, we have to stop electing SHAME. 
Vince CanalesNow you all KNOW I had been covering the County Council race for District 4 closely because I just couldn’t believe that a person with half-naked pictures all over the web would even run but Vince Canales did, in fact, run and he did, in fact lose.  Bad.  Todd M. Turner trounced Canales 64% to Canales 35%. Danielle Glaros won in District 3; she replaces outgoing Eric Olson.  The Go-Go community couldn’t unite to oust Karen Toles.  She won in District 7 resoundly at 67.91%/3,651 votes.  The Go-Go backed Bruce Branch received 19.67% or 1,412 votes.  That’s a bad loss right there and a sorry turnout.  What the beating really says to the Go-Go community, mostly the younger Go-Go community is this: get your business together.  Howard Theater is still having old-head Go-Go shows; everyone has a good time, goes out for food or goes home afterward.  No reports of stabbings, beatings, or shootings follow.  What the voters in District 7 seem to be saying is NIMBY: Not In My BackYard.  It’s the message of Prince George’s County. 

Karen Toles
Karen Toles

Ron Moten and Bruce Branch are right, Prince George’s County is gentrifying as is this entire region.  Like it or not, the new residents, me being one of them, do NOT want to deal with the possibility of crime and mayhem after a go-go.  Before you throw your dukes up, I know that every go-go or dancehall doesn’t have violence attached to it, but some do.  What the go-go community will have to do, if they are to be taken seriously, is raise their business standard.  Why don’t some of the closed club’s former owners come together with a business plan and open something upscale like Howard Theater in PGCo?  Do that thing.  
Speaking of old-head Go-Go folk, my county councilman was re-elected.  Shout out to China Boogie aka Councilman Derrick L. Davis.  LOL!

House of Delegates

District 21:  Barbara Frush, Ben Barnes, Joseline Pena-Melnyk
District 22:  Alonzo Washington (Yaaaay!), Tawanna Gaines, Anne Healey (Rushern Baker IV was a distant 4th)
District 23 A:  Geraldine Valentino-Smith
District 23B:   Marvin Holmes, Joseph Vallario (seriously)
District 24:  Carolyn Howard, Michael Vaughn, Erek Baron – Yay no more Darren Swain!
District 25:  Dereck Davis, Angela Angel, Darryl Barnes
District 26:  Jay Walker, Kris Valderamma, Tony Knotts
District 27A:  James Proctor
District 27B: Michael A. Jackson
District 47A:  Jimmy Tarlau, Diana Fennell
District 47B:  Will Campos

State Senators

District 21:  Jim Rosapepe

District 22:  Paul Pinsky

District 23:  Douglas Peters

District 24:  Joanne Benson (close race, Benson 55.7% to Bobby Henry’s 44.3%)

District 25:  Ulysses Currie (we’ll talk about this tonight. He beat Melony Griffin bad 58.4% to 38.04%)

District 26:  Anthony Muse (with 50.7% of the vote)

District 27:  Thomas V. Mike Miller

District 47:  Victor Ramirez


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Nice recap Cheryl. You are a funny lady!

Great roundup! Smh on Currie being re-elected!

Besides that whole picking up guys on landover road what’s the beef with Darin Swain? I didn’t hold that against him. What you allegedly do in the bedroom doesn’t concern me. He spoke at my HOA said somethings I disagreed with. But I want to know your take on swain

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