Maryland University Raises Tuition Again (Demo)

Tuition at Maryland University Set To Increase for the 3rd Year Straight.

The Board of Regents for Maryland’s university system has approved a 3 percent tuition increase for in-state students and a 5 percent increase for out-of-state students.  Prince George’s officials from the Governor on down to mayors and council people stress the importance of getting an education THEN they sit idly by while tuition is jacked upward and onward.  Our priority is still getting gambling in the county but the real bad bet here is our rolling of the dice, hoping that education costs will stop increasing.
In total, there will be $5.3 million in cuts and most departments still don’t know how they will institute these cuts because they’re already strapped.  University employee salaries received a modest 2 percent cost-of-living increase, but their salaries are essentially frozen.  University of Maryland students tuition and fees will rise from $8,655 this year to $8,908 in 2013.  Students at Salisbury University will see an increase in its in-state tuition of 6 percent for a second straight year to bring its revenue in line with competitors,” according to the Associated Press.  How is raising the cost of education seen as keeping a school competitive, especially since the employees won’t see a dime of the increase?  HOW is this keeping them competitive?
Maryland’s governing body is driving business and academia OUT of the state.
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